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Traveling can either be fun or exhausting. You might want to go to other countries for a luxurious vacation, or you may have to deal with some business trips abroad for your company.

Either way, adapting to a country’s time zone you are not used to can be difficult. You may have once thought that it’s morning while it’s evening in the country that you are currently staying.

If you love traveling and luxury watches, then this Rolex’s GMT-Master II might be perfect as your companion for all of your travels. Check out what this Rolex watch offers below.

That One Feature Perfect For Travelers

In 1982, Rolex released the GMT-Master II as a successor to the original GMT-Master that the brand launched in 1955. It has a new movement, functionality, and recognizable aesthetics that attract travelers worldwide. 

But what is that one feature which is perfect for travelers like you? Let’s talk about the watch’s history and how it became a suitable watch for travelers. 

History Of The Rolex Watch

The GMT-Master watch is a collaboration work between Rolex and Pan American Airways. They initially intended to design the wristwatch for the pilots and navigators to use during their flights. 

Rolex released the GMT-Master watch when the pilots and navigators were experiencing a rapid expansion of intercontinental travel. The original version has a 24-hour display and a rotatable bezel to see another time zone’s current time.

This Rolex watch became famous as the French and British test pilots wore the GMT-Master wristwatches during the 1960s. In 1982, Rolex launched the GMT-Master II, which has a new movement that promotes ease of use and enables you to set the hour hand independently in the watch.

The wristwatch as a solution for confusing time zones

What makes this watch perfect for travelers is that it allows you to view two time zones simultaneously. 

Like the original GMT-Master wristwatch, this version also has a 24-hour display and a rotatable bezel. These unique features let you view both your current time zone and the time back in your country.

With these cool features, you do not have to confuse yourselves between two different time zones anymore. The features make the wristwatch perfect for your vacation and business trips to the other countries you visit worldwide.

Other Features Of The Rolex Watch

So this watch has a cool feature that allows you to view two time zones simultaneously, but what else does it do? Check out what more the Rolex wristwatch offers below.

24-hour Rotatable Bezel

This 24-hour Rotatable Bezel is one of Rolex’s watch unique features ever to exist. Unlike standard watches, where it adopts a 12-hour format, the GMT-Master II takes it to the next level with the 24-hour display. 

With this feature, you can rotate the bezel to change to your current time zone. Rolex primarily designed it to allow people to view two different time zones simultaneously. 

In terms of aesthetics quality, this watch series is at the top-tier level. Why? While most watches only feature one color in the bezel, this Rolex watch has two. Red and blue is the famous color combination for the rotatable bezel.

Cyclops Lens

What is the Cyclops Lens? This feature is a magnifying lens that magnifies the watch’s date by two-and-a-half times. It enables you to read the wristwatch’s current date a lot easier, especially in dark places.

The name Cyclops derives from a character in Greek mythology, which is the one-eyed giant. It is also one of the distinctive features of Rolex watches people recognize worldwide.

Caliber 3285 Movement

This Rolex wristwatch series also promises excellent performance with its Caliber 3285 movement, which they developed and manufactured. It has a power reserve at around 70 hours and a Chronergy escapement contributing to its high-quality performance.

The Caliber 3285 movement is also resistant to various temperatures and shocks because of the Parachrom hairspring. What a cool feature, right?

Black Dial

Do you find it difficult when reading the time from a watch with traditional dial colors, especially in the dark? You do not have to worry anymore since this feature of the Rolex watch solves the problem.

Rolex offers this Black Dial feature to ensure legibility and clarity at all times. With its Chromalight Display, they designed it with a luminescent material that glows in the hour markers (the shapes in the watch), which helps you see the time even in dark places.

Unfortunately, not all models in this Rolex smartwatch series have this Black Dial feature. So if you want to have the Black Dial feature in your watch, you may consult the staff in a Rolex store first before purchasing anything.

Cost Of This Rolex Watch

This Rolex watch series has over ten models, each incorporating various kinds of design and material. Rolex has initially created the wristwatch with stainless steel material in the early years. However, they have designed luxury versions of it with a mix of steel and gold colors over the past few years.

A 50th-anniversary version of the GMT-Master wristwatch is also in this series, which Rolex released in 2005. It has undergone several improvement changes, including a larger case and a ceramic-made material for the rotatable bezel.

Additionally, Rolex has implemented various bracelet forms to suit your wristwatch needs in terms of comfortability. Some examples that this Rolex watch series has are the Oyster and the Jubilee bracelet forms.

The price for a luxury wristwatch in this series ranges from $15,399 to $174,999, depending on the model. You can undoubtedly get whatever material and dial you wantsince Rolex has every version that corresponds to your desires.

Final Words

The Rolex GMT-Master II luxury watch has two time zones and a rotatable bezel feature. It allows you to view different time zones simultaneously without ruining the wristwatch.

Thus, it is perfect for travelers who are frequently confused about the different time zones across various countries.

If you both like luxury watches and traveling, maybe this Rolex watch is the perfect fit for your wristwatch wants and needs