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The year 2020 was a challenging year for everyone due to covid-19, but you’ve been doing good to survive and deserve a little gift to uplift yourself. And nothing can lift the spirit and says “well done, old boy” to having a refined elegance of new, valuable watches. Let’s be honest, it likely depends on you to spring for it — and to pick the perfect one. Regardless of whether it’s the first “grand” watch or that upgrade you’ve been thinking of for some time now, there are great options available today. Here in this article, we have a few recommendations for you. To check it out, simply scroll through the information below.

  • Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400 

In the Oris Watch brand’s entire Aquis collection, the Aquis Date Caliber 400 is one of the best-selling and luxurious they ever produced. This latest version features a remarkable new in-house movement which makes it so appealing on a whole new level. If looking for a gift for yourself, why not directly opt for high-end watches with super affordable prices.

  • Oris Pointer Date On Bracelet 

Another Oris watch on the list is best known as one of the brand’s classic designs and complications and features a new twist with a bold red dial. If you’re looking for some fun and unexpected use of color to own a watch, this red-dial form of Oris’ Pointer Date

might be the best option for you. This model offers a highly wearable 40mm stainless steel case and a perfect combination of multi-piece stainless steel armbands. This is what makes it ideal for any wrist, anytime. 

  • Waldan Heritage 

Waldan is another luxury brand that comes with a real history behind it. They have now launched a timepiece that features American-made quartz movements (with mechanical ones plans later on). If ever that it’s not the year for a significant purchase, the brand’s collection offers some fascinating and appealing options. 

  • Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Champagne 


The Hamilton Intra-Matic is best known as one of the best dress watches you can ever own, prices under $1,000. They also offer various collections where buyers can choose from, like a Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm Black PVD. You can browse more models to the Watch Company if you’re into buying a timepiece from Hamilton.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 


The new, updated Rolex Oyster Perpetual version arrives in a massive number of dial tones and sizes, including a bigger 41mm variant. They continuously offer some of the best value and one-of-a-kind watches from the brand. On the off chance that it’s been a good year, owning a timepiece from Rolex is such a great way to top it off. 

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition 

This titanium Omega Seamaster would be a great timepiece to own regardless of whether it wasn’t related to a specific fictional super spy. It’s the very watch that actor Daniel Craig wore in the recent James Bond film, and you were unable to be blamed for blowing your extra money on it.

  • Ressence Type 3 Automatic 

In case you’re hoping to get yourself something unique, Ressence can be the best option. No watch lovers and collectors will deny how this brand offers probably the coolest and powerful modern watches in the market. This timepiece is designed out of titanium with a unique rotating dial, Ressence’s Type 3 resembles no other watch available. It is the best-ever gift you can give to yourself. 

  • Rado Golden Horse Automatic 

This watch symbolizes the faithful recreation of a Rado watch from 1957, right down to its 37mm case feature. It is accessible in a few dial colors, and the Golden Horse is loaded with more details and so much charm. It also comes with a sturdy automatic movement and probably the best beads-of-rice wristbands we’ve seen for some time. 

  • Longines Heritage Classic Tuxedo Dial Chronograph 

Longines once again proves how luxurious this brand is, producing an exemplary chronograph watch with a style that is alluded to as a “tuxedo dial.” If the vintage look is your thing, this truly nails it with a case that is proportioned and very wearable. 

  • Black Bay GMT 

Rolex’s sister brand is Tudor which also offers timepieces with very high value and sophistication. With its famous Black Bay diver as a “Pepsi”-style GMT, you can surely testify how luxurious and grand the brand’s watches are. Is the level of finishing and in-house development at this value level? It looks insanely sharp, as well. 

  • Label Heuer Carrera Chronograph 

TAG Heuer’s new version of the Carrera timepiece nails the balance of both vintage and modern faces. With its in-house, automatic chronograph movement and accessible in a few varieties, this makes sure to be a versatile and fulfilling watch for long-term everyday wear. 

  • Longines Legend Diver In Bronze 

Longines’ popular timepiece that recently became available in the shop is its Legend Diver in bronze. This watch makes a great present for yourself, rewarding all of your hardships and little victories in the past 2020. The Legend Diver in Bronze eliminates the dating show – a first for the line since it was included in 2012, besides adding a new case material to the overall appearance. From the extents of the dial’s reliability to the unwavering spirit of this current timepiece’s design, it marks all the right boxes. 

  • G-Shock GW-9400-1 Rangeman Solar Digital Survival Watch

Suppose the options above don’t fit your style and budget. In that case, you can’t turn out badly with another strap – it’s a gift that any watch lover appreciates, regardless of whether they have one watch or handfuls. So for sure, you will love it too. This model is the most popular and best-seller watch in Casio’s Master of G signature G-Shock collections of professional-use watches. It comes with a bulky appearance that provides drastic shock protection at a very reasonable price.

In a Nutshell

Having a luxurious watch brand that you can call your own radiates a different feeling. How much more if you have purchased and pick it by yourself. Sometimes, it’s good to have something you can buy for yourself, and investing in high-end watches is the best option. Above, we have listed the 13 best choices to help you decide which one is a perfect fit for your style. You can check it one by one, or you can visit the Watch Company to look for more details about Oris, Rolex, TAG Heuer, or Longines brand. Have fun looking at a watch for yourself