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We can never blame you if you are obsessed with the Rolex GMT-Master II. Touted as one of the most legendary creations in the Swiss watchmaker’s collection. This timepiece never fails to grace any wrist with masculine appeal and glamour. It’s good to know the best things about this item. It will help you decide whether this should be the next timepiece you should add to your collection.

The debut of GMT-Master II with ceramic bezel nearly a decade ago was an aggressive leap into its design. Among the key elements that revolutionized the look and feel of this pilot’s luxury watch are a heftier case and a more prominent dial. It also has a fade and scratch-resistant ceramic insert for the bezel. But the bi-color bezels present since the creation of the GMT- Master in the 1950s is no longer in sight. Well, that’s not much of a big deal because one thing to love about a new or used Rolex GMT-Master II is how well it comfortably sits on the wrist. And yes, we completely vouch for it!

Things To Consider When Buying Rolex Timepiece

Buying a Rolex timepiece is an investment because of its cost. That is why it is essential to be smart and have in mind some important factors to think about. 

Customization with Diamonds

The Rolex GMT Master II can be customized with diamonds. It is the most elegant and precious timepiece that you’ll ever wear in your life. The diamond stones are selected and assessed to ensure that it is legit and will make you shine like a star. You only need to inquire and ask for a custom Rolex GMT Master.

Pre-Owned Collections

The Rolex GMT Master II has pre-owned collections. It allows customers to choose used timepieces at affordable prices. Some may hesitate from purchasing pre-owned models. But Rolex ensures that the second-hand Rolex GMT timepiece is in its best condition and quality.

Finance Options

Rolex GMT Master is easy to finance if you are financially capable. The timepiece is being sold on the market at an affordable price. Aside from that, there are pre-owned Rolex GMT Master sale UK that customers can rely on. This is a great option, especially if you are looking for affordable quality. Also, the price range of this timepiece is around only a minimum of 30,000 GBP.

The Chameleonic Bezel

Yes, the bezel has multiple personalities. That’s because it looks different in various lighting conditions. The patented Cerachrom’s blue half is brightest in direct sunlight. Meanwhile, if you are in neutral room lighting, it transitions to matte blue. And it turns into black in darker settings. Its capability to transition from one hue to another enhances its mystique factor.

The Dial

Every Rolex GMT-Master II comes with the classic professional dial layout. Thus, it features big and easy-to-read hands and markers. When switching to various lighting situations, the black dial turns out to be the opposite of the blue bezel half. It showcases the deepest black you could ever imagine. The amazing thing about the color switching is it strikes a serious balance between the frisky nature of the GMT hand and the blue bezel.

The Case

We appreciate the contemporary Rolex Oyster professional case. It gives a substantial appearance to this luxury watch. It features accurate edges and reinforced shoulders. The case of GMT-Master II is as huge as its Sea-Dweller and Submariner cousins. It can slip smoothly under the cuff of a dress shirt. This is perfect if you wish to be discreet. But this watch still has a superb wrist presence when you’re donning short sleeves.

The Bracelet

The exquisite design of the Oyster bracelet is such a darling. This timepiece boasts aesthetics. it also has a significant contribution to the Rolex GMT-Master II long-haul comfort. The Oysterlock clasp closes with a click. So, you will have an assurance that it sits securely and nicely on your wrist.

We also commend the Easylink extension, which is highly functional. It works well if you want to let the timepiece out a bit during those hot summer days or to rock a casual look. But the bracelet’s polished center links are vulnerable to light scratches. Well, the sad part is that this is inevitable.

The Movement

Functionality is one of the key highlights of the GMT-Master II 116710BLNR. It comes with the caliber 3186 perpetual self-winding movements. It is amazing how it gauges time to COSC-certified standards. It also provides the extra time zone and date functionality simultaneously. The movement is indeed multifunctional. Another advantage of this timepiece is its versatility. It enables the wearer to swiftly set the hour hand independent of the others. Thus, making the switch to a different time zone a breeze.

For Men and Women

Rolex produces various models of timepieces. This is to ensure enough collection for both men and women customers around the world. Besides, the Rolex GMT Master’s price in UK, London, and even online is affordable. That is why many people can afford to buy it.


The Rolex GMT-Master II is a gentleman’s best friend. This watch makes a striking style statement with beautiful aesthetics. It also exudes the best quality and impressive functionality. It is a good combination of the Swiss brand’s traditional values and modern take on the day/night concept. Last but not least, it is an iconic investment-grade timepiece. It is a great addition to your luxury watch collection.

Are you in a quest for a new or pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II for sale at the best market price? If you’re planning to buy one, look for a reputable seller. This way, you can ensure buying an authentic Rolex watch. There are many online sellers offering Rolex timepieces at a cheaper price.

Be careful dealing with sellers, especially if you don’t have enough idea about the product. The best thing to do is buy the timepiece at a brick-and-mortar store. It gives you the chance to check the item first before paying for it. 

And if you are searching for something unique to grace your wrist with, the Rolex GMT Master II is the best option.

So, what are you waiting for? Have your own Rolex GMT Master II timepiece now