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The Apple Watch band market is big and splendid. Dozens of band and strap types in striking colours may overwhelm you. Which is the right band for your smartwatch? Should you invest in a modern buckle for Apple Watch, get a Milanese loop, or explore other options? In this guide, you will come to know about trendy bands. In addition, learn where to head for quality bands at a cost-effective price you can refer to good Student magazine.

Your Apple Watch is a device worth flaunting. In addition to tracking time, the smartwatch is equipped with cutting-edge technology to keep your health in check. Also, it makes an attractive gadget to wear around the wrist. 


Now, you can also improve the appearance and wearability of your smartwatch by decorating it with Apple Watch wristbands. Although the smartwatch comes with a band, it is a rubber strap that is neither attractive nor comfortable. You can replace it with a beautiful band. 

Types of Bands and Straps for Apple Watch

The history of bands and straps for Apple Watch dates back to the device itself. From the Apple Store to third-party suppliers, many offer plenty of Apple Watch bands. They include:


  • Sport loop


  • Solo loop


  • Sport band


  • Milanese loop


  • Link bracelet


  • Classic leather buckle


  • Modern buckle


  • Tapered leather buckle


Although Apple also sells many of these Apple Watch wristbands, you get plenty of colour options at third-party suppliers. In addition, third-party Apple Watch bands are more cost-effective than their official versions.

Trendy Apple Watch Bands to Buy  

If lots of Apple Watch bands confuse you, go for trendy options. Here are some versatile band types that can be purchased for formal and informal occasions:


  • Modern Buckle: Different from a classic buckle, a modern buckle for Apple Watch is an advanced interpretation of the standard buckle. A high-quality modern buckle band is crafted from smooth leather. It features refined texture. To secure the band around the wrist, there is a solid buckle, which is a two-piece magnetic closure. 


At a reputed third-party supplier, you can buy a modern buckle in plenty of colours. In addition, it will cost around AUD 79.


  • Milanese Loop: With history dating back to 19th-century Milan, a Milanese loop is a beautiful band option for the Apple Watch. Contrary to standard steel bands, a Milanese loop looks and feels good. It is a lightweight, breathable, and beautiful band that takes an Apple Watch’s appearance to the next level.


A Milanese loop is made of stainless steel mesh wraps. Also, it features a magnetic clasp to easily wear and remove the watch. An official Apple Watch Milanese loop can cost at least $99. However, you can purchase a quality loop at a price as low as AUD49 at a reputed third-party store.


  • Tapered Leather Buckle: If you are looking for formal Apple Watch wristbands, a tapered leather buckle can be an ideal product to invest in. It is an iconic leather piece that provides a dramatic two-tone look. A quality band is made of beautiful calf leather and features a stainless-steel square buckle. 


When it comes to the price of a tapered leather buckle, you may have to pay just AUD 59 at a reliable third-party store. In addition, you can get it in many colours.

How to Buy Apple Watch Bands at a Low Price

Official Apple Watch bands are expensive accessories. You can buy them at a low price from a reputed third-party supplier. Whether buying a Milanese loop or a modern buckle for Apple Watch, ensure that it is a quality product.