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Style refers to your ability to transform regular clothing into an attractive and unique one. You are likely to create ecstatic styles if you possess an imaginative mind. While planning the outfit of the day, make sure to find out the right beard style as well. Not only does it make you appear well-groomed, but it also helps in enhancing your charisma. Also, it helps in building trust and increases your ability to convince others. A well-trimmed beard makes your side fades, and hairdo appears much more attractive than it is. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while shaving off your beard.


Here are the shaving tips that are likely to fetch you the perfect and elegant beard style. 


Use Circular Motions

Shaving requires the right technique and reliable skills to keep the injuries at bay. You are likely to make mistakes and end up cutting your skin with wrong movements. Also, it affects future shaving sessions and might hamper your beard style goals in the long run. While applying the lather or gel, make sure to use circular motions. Along with this, take the lather in your hands and apply it in a spherical pattern. That way, you are less likely to miss any area of your beard and end up with a tidy look. With the circular patterns, the beard emerges out from the skin and is easy to trim off using the Braun series 9 shaver. 


Cleanse Your Skin Well 


Before you start with the shaving routine, it’s essential to prepare your skin for the process. You might incorporate a pre-shave lotion in your skincare regimen to avoid cuts and scars. Also, it helps to soothe your skin and provides an attractive beard. Start with the proper cleansing of your face using a face wash or cleanser. Further, steam your face well using a towel rinsed with warm water. It helps to soften your whiskers and allows a smooth shaving experience. Along with this, you must use a shave butter or oil to calm down the sensitive skin. Make sure to use a brush to apply your lather as it evens out the application. 


Find The Suitable Time 

When it comes to shaving, everybody has a different time according to their skin type and texture. Before you embark upon the shaving routine, make sure to find out the time that works for you. Experts suggest shaving right before you hit the bed due to a variety of reasons. It helps in accelerating the recovery and heals the micro-injuries that occur while shaving. Also, try to keep the shaving routine during the evening time if you possess sensitive skin. That way, you wouldn’t appear all flushed and swollen during the mandatory office meetings. 

After Shave Skin Care 

Every man requires an effective and soothing aftershave routine to boost recovery and soothe the hair follicles. Instead of going through the aftershave itching and dryness, you must adapt to a post-shave skincare routine. All you need is the right product to calm your keratinocytes and keep the inflammation at bay. Get yourself an alcohol-free aftershave gel and hydrate the skin well. Also, make sure to apply the face moisturizer after shaving to curb excessive dryness and red skin. If possible, you must rest for a few hours before starting the day with your new beard style.


Use The Right Razor 

Just because the razor you use right now is the one you started with, doesn’t mean it’s the right one. You must experiment with the types and features of razors available to settle with the right one. While the safety razors are quite reliable, you might use the cartridge razors for an effortless experience. Along with this, try to find out the right blade type to avoid injuries and frequent cuts. Limit the number of blades and try to upgrade your razor for a faster and easier shaving session.


Consider Natural Aid 

While shaving your beard to achieve the appealing style, you might go through daunting experiences like cuts and scars. You might consider the natural remedies available to get rid of the scar and heal your skin much faster than usual. Not only will it limit artificial chemicals, but it also prevents side effects. Some anti-inflammatory remedies like aloe vera and coconut oil might accelerate the rate of healing. Along with this, try the tea tree oil and almond oil to boost skin texture and speed up the healing process. 


Leave The Upper Lip Area Until Last 


Different areas of your beard possess different hair types and skin texture. Such versatility calls for varying shaving duration as well as technique to get the perfect beard. Also, the hair on your upper lip area is much thicker and deeply-rooted than the other regions. Not only does it require an ample lather, but it also demands a longer duration of lather application. Hence, you must leave the upper lip region for the last few minutes. It helps in smooth and effortless removal of the hair and prevents injuries that might occur due to the strong forces of the razor. 


Final Verdict


Men are often obsessed with their hairdo and the beard style due to many reasons. It helps in enhancing the charisma and makes you look sleek in no time. Also, a well-groomed man is likely to make an impact on the viewer much faster than a messy one. For such reasons, you must find out the appealing beard styles that suit your face type. Along with this, try to know reliable shaving tips and enjoy the beard-trimming session. You must apply the lather in a circular motion and stick to the after-shave regimen for maximum benefits.