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Innovatours, the cosmopolitan innovation events from Q Group, announces it is coming to the UK on 16th May 2019.

Q Group have teamed up with Blue Globe Innovation to bring Innovatours the next generation innovation get together to London’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Innovatours goes beyond the same old same old to deliver hands-on, acute insight and thought leadership to budding entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who have become stuck in the rut of crossing the chasm.  For more information please visit

According to Ferhat Demir, Q Group CEO

“This partnership will bring a vibrant alternative, freshness, and practicality to the innovation ecosystem that echoes Turkeys’ straddling of eastern Europe and western Asia. I’m excited by the possibility of matching up London’sinnovators with the best and brightest in Istanbul.”

“Bringing Innovatours to London is about changing the way people experience innovation events and showing Europethat London is still once the leading location for innovation” –  adds Jonathan Slater, Managing Director, Blue Globe Innovation.


SOURCE Blue Globe Innovation