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LONDON, August 24, 2018 

Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) is pleased to announce the winners of its annual CEO Awards 2018.

From CEOs from the top of Healthcare Industry to CEOs from Financial Technology, IT Technology, Renewable Energy services and Innovative Technology this Awards make those leaders and executives from different industries to be more ambitious, not just for the own competitiveness, but for the challenge of different segments and sectors of industries, as well.

This increases credibility, attracts other talents for the company even for a different hierarchy.

The popular magazine’s CEO Awards celebrate the inspirational leadership and top management qualities of individuals from a range of different sectors across the globe.

The nominations received by the Team of BWM are shortlisted by a panel of judges, also from different sectors. The careers of all candidates were researched in the detailed way possible. The winners finally were chosen for each individual category with the agreement of the panelists.

Countries and regions represented in the short list included Western Europe, North America, Scandinavia and the Middle East. CEOs from Asia, South America and Africa also made an appearance in the nomination categories.

Finally, BWM congratulated to all CEO winners, describing them as “passionate individuals” and leaders who have proven themselves to be exemplary, not just in terms of bringing success to the company in which they operate, but also in their nurturing of staff.

The magazine added that in encouraging and enthusing those under their leadership, the CEOs were creating the next wave of inspiring and compassionate CEOs in turn.

BWM went on to laud each of the individual winners from various parts of the world, who had all gone above and beyond the call of duty, and that they deserved the award they had achieved today. BWM would like to wish them well and is also looking forward to keeping an eye on their future successes because it is convinced that this might just be the beginning of their story.

Besides, Mr. Alex Zwyer, NLS-1 Pharma AG (NLS)
Healthcare CEO of the Year – Switzerland & Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Switzerland, you can find below the rest of the Winners:

Björn Wallin, Recall Capital
Financial Services CEO of the Year – Sweden

Bundit Sapianchai, BCPG
Best CEO | Renewable Energy Industry Asia

Ceaser Siwale, Pangaea Securities
Financial Services CEO of the Year – Zambia’ & ‘Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Zambia’

Charalambos Pattihis, Remedica
Best CEO | Pharmaceutical Industry Europe

Constantine Lycos, Lycos Asset Management
Best CEO in Asset Management Industry – Canada

Dan Wasyluk, Blockchain Foundry Inc
IT/Technology CEO of the Year – Canada

Elena Chekalina, Zfort Group
Best CEO | European IT Outsourcing Industry

Faisal Al Haimus, Trade Bank of Iraq
Banking Executive of the Year – Iraq

Gustavo Mahler, AGC Biologics
Best CEO | Pharmaceutical Industry North America

Ilkka O. Lavas, City Digital Ltd
Growth Strategy CEO of the Year – Finland & Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Finland

John Awuah, Universal Merchant Bank (UMB)
Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Ghana

Jindřich Fremuth, Telefónica Czech Republic
Telecoms CEO of the Year – Czech Republic

Luis Barroso, Unifin Financiera SAB
Financial Services CEO of the Year – LATAM

Martin Schneider, BRAINFORCE Group
Best CEO in Interim Management & Consulting Services

Peter Nilsson, APR Technologies
Science/Technology CEO of the Year – Sweden

Pierre Imhof, Baiduri Bank
Best CEO | Brunei’s Banking Industry

Professor Karsten König, Jenlab
Best CEO in Medical Diagnostic Systems Industry

Quinton Oswald, Notal Vision, Inc.
Visionary CEO of the Year – Israel

Ratan Datta, SPi Global
Best CEO in Philippines BPO Industry

Rita King, MethodSense, Inc.
Healthcare CEO of the Year – USA

Sam Camilieri, Natal Joint Municipal Pension/Provident
Best CEO | South Africa’s Retirement Fund Industry

Scott Kleppe, SENSIT Technologies
Most Innovative CEO | Natural Gas Industry

Ursula Uhlemayr, Wickel & Co. GmbH
Healthcare CEO of the Year – Germany

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