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There is an estimated production of more than 1 trillion plastic shopping bags every year in the world. These bags take more than 1000 years to completely biodegrade. This results in 3.5 tons more waste each year in landfills. Not to mention the damage they do to nature. Thousands of animals die by ingesting one of them. Burning them releases toxic gases in the environment. 

Fortunately, in recent years, attention to this type of problem has intensified. Small steps forward have been made: for example, in many countries, plastic shopping bags no longer exist in supermarkets as they are highly polluting and not reused. Now stores are adapting to reusable grocery bags or paper shopping bags.

Read on to know – why these bags are the right option for you!  


It Solves The Problem Of Plastic Bag Usage 

Since this issue started to be discussed, many methods have been thought of to solve or at least partially improve the problem. For example, Ireland introduced a tax to anyone who used plastic bags. This made it possible to reduce the consumption of plastic shoppers by as much as 93%.

Others have launched new communication campaigns to encourage reuse and combat the ” have and drop ” culture. However, the most backbone of all these measures is choosing the best reusable shopping bags.

Many stores have decided to do it with creative, personalized, and colorful shopping bags to donate to their customers in their stores. Plus, many supermarkets have made every effort to offer their customers eco-friendly and reusable grocery bags many times. 


It’s The Most Beneficial Step For Our Mother Earth 

A simple action like this can really change many things, respecting our planet

Here are some benefits to choosing reusable shopping bags: 

  • Choosing to use a recyclable shopper reduces plastic consumption by 1 ton.  
  • It saves 685 barrels of oil and 5,774 kWh of energy;
  • Reduce the pollution of the air we breathe;
  • It saves many sea and land creatures from death by ingestion or suffocation such as the seal, the dolphin, stray dogs, and cows. 
  • Protects soil and prevents deforestation. 

Don’t you think they are excellent reasons to choose an ecological alternative to plastic? But wait, there is something more. 


They Are An Excellent Mode of Promotion 

Are you looking for a promotional gadget that, besides being useful, is also fashionable? Then personalized shopping bags are the accessory that is right for you.

Personalized shoppers are certainly among the most useful and interesting promotional gadgets that you can choose to promote your business. Plus, these bags have many advantages for the company that chooses them and for its customers. Let’s see the main ones.

  • Easy available at an economic price. 
  • All of these bags are multi-useful.
  • They are accessories that are carried around, therefore they guarantee great visibility for your brand.

In short, personalized shoppers are an excellent advertising medium for your business as well as a useful and functional gadget for those who receive it. These are authentic distinctive signs that will promote your business in an intuitive and direct way.

So, if you are looking for a way to communicate effectively and continuously, choose to customize your bags with your company logo. You will thus have an effective promotional tool which is also a very welcome accessory for customers and suppliers.


Make Your Customers Feel Valued 

Attention to its customers is an aspect that too many companies still underestimate. So, it is essential to think of your clientele and give them something for what they feel valued. A customized grocery bag that is reusable definitely fits best for this role. To mark your brand essence in the market, it’s vital to keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors. And sometimes even a bag is enough to do it.

Yes, because one-time use bags certainly do not provide an adequate corporate image and can even be counterproductive. It is, therefore, better to opt for functional accessories that customers or suppliers can use in everyday activities.

It may seem trivial, but choosing a gift from this point of view represents an important signal of attention that the customer will certainly appreciate. Of course, not all personalized reusable shopping bags are created equal. So, you have to make a wise decision as per your needs.