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The United Arab Emirates is a country situated on the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. All the seven emirates of the country, i.e., Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain, represent the Arabic and Persian traditional customs, cultures, and norms. All these Emirates are ruled by the Sheikh family. Many admirers of Arabic culture plan special trips to Dubai. Such enthusiastic tourists usually Dubai Car Rental in Dubai services and observe every Arabic tradition in the UAE.

Do you want to know which cultural transformations have taken place in the UAE? Are you interested in visiting the historical buildings in Dubai? Which religion is followed by the majority of UAE? Do you want to check the traditional cuisine? If yes, you should plan a trip to the historical destinations of the UAE to experience along with seeking knowledge of all the following things in the country.

Table of content

  • Delicious Unique Cuisine of UAE
  • UAE religion
  • Common Sports of UAE
  • UAE Clothing tradition and Dress code 
  • UAE Cultural values
  • Traditional dance of UAE
  • Languages Spoken in UAE
  • Final thoughts

Delicious Unique Cuisine of UAE

The traditional cuisine is originally served in the UAE. The cuisine consists of regional fish, dates, bread, yogurt, rice, meat, and vegetables. Along with this original cuisine, Emirati residents also use imported foods in their daily diet. At every second Emarati restaurant you will enjoy traditional meals with mutton or lamb. Don’t forget to try Lamb mandi as it is the traditional dish of UAE. It is a platter of rice served with lamb pieces on the top. 

The traditional beverages are tea and coffee and different spices are added in tea like mint, cardamom, etc for a unique taste. You will observe that present cuisine is a blend of modern and traditional food. You will especially enjoy lunch in Dubai because Emirati people consider it the most vital meal of the day and plan lunch with family and friends. 

UAE Religion.

Prior to the emergence of Islam, the inhabitants of this region were followers of polytheism, Judaism, Christianity, Iranian, and Hindu religion. But after the introduction of Islam, many residents embraced Islam. At present, most of the Muslims in this country are Sunnis. 

Despite the majority of Muslims is present there, the country shows tolerant behavior to followers of Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians. If you want to explore even the Islamic buildings including mosques and tombs, we suggest you hire an auto from the Monthly Car Rental company of Dubai to visit the beautiful mosques of Dubai as well. 

Common Sports of UAE

Many traditional sports and activities are still played and promoted in the UAE. Some Arabic sports which are still loved by people are endurance riding, horse racing, camel riding, football, golf, cricket, and others. Along with visualizing, you can also learn and participate in these games at the sports club of Dubai and Sharjah.  

UAE Clothing tradition and Dress code 

If you are going to Dubai, you should be very conscious about clothing and dress codes of UAE as wearing half-sleeves is prohibited for females. Mostly, women tend to wear conservative attire. 

There is a simple and decent dress code to be followed by both men and women at every event. For instance, if you are going to attend a business meeting, you should dress up in formal and decent dresses. You cannot wear revealing outfits in Dubai as such dressing is banned in the UAE. 

UAE Cultural values

You will observe that the cultural values of the UAE are unique from other countries as mostly beliefs followed by them are according to rules and regulations of Islam. Like the arab men appreciate the gentle hand shake. Don’t offer the handshake to the local women of UAE unless they initiate it. Tourists coming from western areas may consider it a backward area at first. But after seeing the development and man-made attractions, even western travelers will start loving such a unique and respectful culture. 

Traditional dance of UAE


The stick dance called “Al Ayyalah” is the national dance of UAE and it is a crucial part of Arabic culture. The interesting thing is that it is strictly performed by the local men. You may witness it at different events, weddings, and other national ceremonies in the UAE. The traditional music along with drumming is worth watching. The men sing and dance while twirling sticks on the specific rhythm.

Languages Spoken in UAE

Being an Arabic country, Arabic is still known as the national language of the UAE. But with the advancement of the economy and business of the UAE, English has also become a highly spoken language of the UAE. 

In fact, you will observe all the communication related to the business dealings of the UAE in the English language. So, it will not be wrong to call English the primary language of the UAE. 

Final thoughts

Enjoy the exploration of traditional Arabic culture and values by hiring a supercar from any well-reputed Rental Car Dubai Company during your Dubai trip.