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The pandemic came with several lessons, whether we welcomed them or not. One of these lessons was that our kids could learn virtually through online classes. Indeed, when the pandemic forced us into lockdown, online courses were the only options we had, even if we didn’t think it was the ideal scenario for them to learn every day.

The school environment will always be an enriching place for kids to learn, socialize, and feel a sense of independence. But if you wish to lend a helping hand to your children, boost their confidence, and take their education to the next level, then online tutoring is an option you should consider.

The advantages of online classes are many, and they all address the needs of your child and your preferences. The following are five excellent reasons why you should consider online tutoring for your children.


You can find the teacher you want

The school setting has its wonderful qualities, but certain things are out of our control, such as when our children don’t end up with the ideal teacher. With online tutoring, this will never be an issue. In this case, you have the power to find the right teacher for your child—someone who meets your level of expectations. Various websites such as Lernigo have a pool of talented and well-trained teachers ready to help your child.

Since the teaching is done online, you can choose the best person from all over the world. The tutor will be one who suits the educational needs of your child, as well as his temperament. With the right teacher guiding the online classes, your child will have the individual attention that he might lack in the school setting.


Online tutoring is more affordable

The richest among us can afford to have the best teachers flown from all over the world to teach their children one-on-one. You may not have this luxury, but with online tutoring, you will have the same experience at a fraction of the cost. Online tutoring is more affordable because there is more competition online.

Moreover, you are not displacing the teacher from his home or having them travel every day to come to your house. Since these costs are non-existent, fees for online teachers are more affordable, and because you can choose the best tutor for your child, you can also adjust the price per hour so that you choose whatever suits your financial limits.


Expand your child’s academic education

A school setting will teach your child the basics, which have their importance, but if you hope to expand your child’s academic portfolio, you need outside help. With online tutoring, you can listen to your child’s interests and find a tutor to expand on them. Online tutoring is also great for introducing your child to subjects that he will never learn in school. For example, coding is a subject that most schools don’t offer, especially to younger students, but it’s a subject that could prove highly useful for your child’s future.


Customize your child’s educational program

Generally, school settings offer a linear approach towards education, but you can create a dynamic program for your child with online tutoring. This is especially important if your child gets bored quickly at school and needs a challenge. With the right online tutor, you can create an educational program together, customized according to your child’s interests and temperament while also addressing your child’s academic weaknesses.


Practice time efficiency

You have many errands that take you out of the house and get you stuck in traffic—your child’s extracurricular education program shouldn’t be one of them. With online tutoring, you are saving yourself and your child time from traffic—time you can spend doing better things such as reading, being out in nature, or simply catching up on quality time. Even better, online tutors offer you the opportunity to choose the time that suits you, rather than the other way around. This is an added luxury that is always welcomed by time-pressed parents.

The list of advantages of online tutoring doesn’t stop here. Your child will be alone, without other students’ distractions, giving him more opportunity to focus. Moreover, because these are one-on-one sessions, your child is more likely to ask questions than in class and admit he hasn’t understood something without feeling embarrassed by his peers. If your child has been struggling academically, the extra help from tutoring will improve his confidence in a school setting. 

As a parent, you will also enjoy added advantages such as access to progress updates to see where your child excels and where the issues lie. More importantly, if the online tutor isn’t performing well, you can easily change the tutor, but the same cannot be said for a school setting as pulling your child from one school to another causes more disruption for your child.