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The right flyer can change someone’s day—and that ripple effect can change the world.

While that’s a bit hyperbolic, it’s also kind of true. An eye-catching, thumb-stopping, walk-pausing flyer can alter the course of someone’s entire night by, say, enticing them to visit your yoga studio (where they meet the love of their life) or volunteer for your nonprofit, where they find their life’s calling. The point is, a business flyer packs a punch, grabs attention, delivers a message, even in today’s digital age.

Are you wondering how to make a flyer for your company? After all, what other advertising methods are so affordable, high-impact, and conveniently low effort?

Even someone with no design experience whatsoever can make a fantastic flyer—here’s how.

Make a Note of What You Like About Other Flyers

Has a flyer ever stopped you in your tracks?

Were the colors vivid or subtle? Was the message obvious or ambiguous? Did you feel inspired, delighted, intrigued, shocked?

Think about the best business flyers you’ve ever seen and what made them so good. Chances are they have a few qualities in common—do you know what they are?

Is it bold font, fun graphics, a vintage feel? Or is it corporate, sleek, professional? Can you mimic that style while making it your own? 

Get inspired. 

Use Free Templates Online: It’s That Easy

Not many things are free, as any business owner knows. 

Here us out. Believe it or not, you can make a flyer at no cost to you right now. If you wanted to send the flyer digitally, it’d truly be $0.00, not including the cost of your time. If you wanted to print and/or mail it, you’re only looking at those fees. 

By editing a free flyer template, you can become a design pro in minutes. Use already-curated flyers by names like Adobe to inspire your own. Play around and learn the program, then tweak colors, photos, and more to suit your company’s style.

Make It Actionable . . . 

The best part about reading a flyer is what comes after. 

Let’s say you’re putting on an event. That means the flyer should have all the essential details, such as date, time, location, reservations, and more. No one should be left with questions after reading your flyer—only actions to take, like RSVPing.

. . . And Consistent With Your Brand

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding. When you make flyers for businesses, they should reflect other parts of that business.

That includes things like the logo, name, custom font, mission statement—whatever it is that lets people recognize your business. Be sure to have these things on your flyer as a display of reliability. 

You Know How to Make a Flyer Now; Go Forth and Advertise!

Designing a flyer doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take inspiration from flyers you love (and that might include looking into your competitors). If you’re not that design-savvy, use free templates to your advantage. Every flyer you put out should be on-brand and actionable.

Now that you know how to make a flyer, how else can you improve your business? You’ll only find out if you read more from us!