Lifestyle and Wellness in College | Tips for a Healthy Life

  It is no longer a secret that college is a demanding time for students. Students face numerous challenges, tons of assignments, family obligations, and social responsibilities. It...

10 Tips on How to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

Growing up on a typical American family, you must have enjoyed the meatier side of life. Your appetite is now looking into the best way to eat...

Scientists: Meditation is Good For You

  It is not just a trend, but studies shows that meditation can help a lot of problems in our lives. We can see around us a World...

The Power of Superfoods – A Week-Start Dessert

  "Super food Balls", Raw and Healthy dessert We've just created healthy balls this week-start and called them "Super-food Balls" because of their special super food content. The quantity...

Celebrity Trainer Joins The Hydration Revolution

  HALO Sport™, the new, super-premium hydration beverage is quickly ramping up their efforts to help today's wellness warriors stay hydrated as they welcome trainer to the stars, Don...

Today’s Energies and Earthing

  How do we warm up and Earthing? The cold season is a good reason to start Grounding yourself! If it is cold outside, it would be good to warm...

High Quality Vitality Products at Whole Foods Markets

  As a vegan person, I am not delighted only by food. I am eating, or try to eat well, with great respect for animals. I also think...

Herbalife Nutrition contributes $30,000 for Winston-Salem YWCA’s Best Choice Center

  Herbalife Nutrition, a top-notch nutrition company in the USA, has donated $30,000 to construct a new roof for the YWCA's Best Choice Center in Winston-Salem. The roof was damaged sometime back....

New study busts weight loss myths

  Endocrinologist Hermann Borg, M.D. has published a new study in the winter issue of in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, which shatters several popular conceptions about weight...

Wound Care Advantage introduces Virtual Scribe Service

  Wound Care Advantage, a California-based provider and manager of inpatient and outpatient wound care and hyperbaric treatment centres at hospitals across the USA, is going to launch...

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