Cashless Society and Blockchain – Reality or Utopia

  Cashless society has been an ideal and a mantra for cryptocurrency promoters for more than a decade. Those who believe that crypto is the future talk about... attracts 10,000 investors

  In February, the number of registered investors on the European P2P platform reached 10,000. Remarkably, last year the geographical distribution of its users changed significantly, due...

How to Find the Right Credit Union for Your Needs

  These days, there are so many choices in financial institutions that it’s hard to choose where you want to keep your money. Not only are there big...

Are Cashless and Digital The Future of Payment?

  Humans have come a long way. For centuries, our ancestors used the barter system as a method of transaction. Then gold and money were discovered and used...

Christmas influences portfolios of 37% of European investors

In a survey of the P2P platform, 37.2% of European P2P investors said that Christmas has an effect on their investments. During the festive time, most...

Peer to Peer Lending Characteristics

Understanding the features of any financial tool is important as it will help you to understand and appreciate that tool. But sometimes it can be difficult to...

How to Build Business Credit to Access More and Better Financing

    Having a business credit profile has many advantages, especially if you have a good score. Like personal credit, bureaus keep information about business credit history and activity. This...

How to Get Rid of Your Back Taxes

Back taxes are the taxes that individuals do not entirely pay on the due date. You should pay your taxes on time every year. In case you...

5 Reasons to Get a POS System for Your Business

  Online POS Software - The good & Bad An excellent online POS system plays a vital role in enhancing sales in retail business by improving efficiency in service...

IBERIABANK to invest in NOME initiative

  IBERIABANK has announced its investment in the New Orleans Music Economy (NOME) initiative, led by Greater New Orleans Inc. (GNO Inc.). The NOME initiative was created to jumpstart...

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