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The Patent Landscape for AI Technology

  AI has become a ubiquitous term today, both inside and outside the tech landscape. It is not only a functional term that points to the power of...

Sustainability Deal – Gwyneth Paltrow & The Unscented Company

  The Unscented Company also stated, smells, fragrances, essential oils, flower smells, or fruit smells are nice and good. I share this vision. Our senses are opened with...

New study seeks innovative treatment regime to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s

  A new clinical trials being study conducted by University of South Florida (USF) is trying to devise an innovative training regimen, which could involve solving brain games and puzzles,...

Accela launches innovative tool for protecting environmental health

  Out-of-the-box solution enables health departments to scale quickly and provide streamlined services to communities more efficiently Accela, a major provider of productivity solutions for government has launched a...

One-fifth of world’s entrepreneurs work with family members, study finds

  In 27 countries, an estimated 6 per cent of the world's adult population aged 18–64 is part of the gig economy/sharing economy A new study titled the 2018/2019 Global...

Nestlé focus on avoiding plastic-waste

  Nestlé announced a series of specific actions to make 100 per cent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, with a particular focus on avoiding plastic-waste. Nestlé...

Lipogems—The exciting new technology available in Hughston Clinic of Columbus

  Dr. Champ L. Baker Jr. of the Hughston Clinic of Columbus, who is one of the nation's leading and highly respected orthopaedic surgeons, is now using an exciting...

Innovative treatment programme launched for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients

  Fox Trail Memory Care Living, a specialised Alzheimer's and dementia subsidiary of Fox Trail Senior Living, has introduced an innovative "Living Life Well" programme for patients suffering...

Kuandeng Technology to overrun Autonomous Driving industry in Europe and America

  The global autonomous driving industry experienced fierce competition in 2018. The two key words in the autonomous driving industry is mass production and industry structure change. At...

Furrion launches AI virtual concierge Angel

  Furrion, a premier developer of innovative products and solutions has launched Angel, a new virtual concierge equipped with artificial intelligence features. Angel is designed to easily control...

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