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    7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Trademarks

    We know the power of business branding. Your name and image should speak about the best quality service or product that you are offering. However, marketing alone...

    Emotional Coping with Divorce

      Though Australia doesn't have an outstanding divorce rate (about 30% of first-time marriages end in divorce), they do happen often enough, and those that go through this...

    5 Things to Look for When Hiring an Injury Lawyer

    Once we have an injury, the last thing we would like to do is to go under the bureaucracy of court case. If you have an injury...

    5 ways to Defend against Copyright Infringement Claims by Copyright Trolls

      After dedicating your time, money, and other resources in creating a piece of creative work, the last thing you’d wish is to have someone else use it...

    What Does Public Domain Day Mean for Book Readers?

    If you’re a fan of arts and entertainment, you’ll be happy to know that the turn of the year marked a very special occasion. What is that...

    Biggest Challenges for the Legal Sector 2020

    Every industry is experiencing some changes or the other and the law sector is no different. It is a matter of fact that although change is good,...

    Trulieve, Florida’s Largest Medical Cannabis Dispensing Organization, Settles with Florida Department of Health

      Following a ruling by Judge Karen Gievers claiming the statutory caps on dispensaries unconstitutional, Trulieve Cannabis (OTC: TCNNF & CNSX: TRUL) ("Trulieve"), Florida's largest medical cannabis licensee, has settled their challenge...

    Autoliv: The EU Commission Completes Investigation

      Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE: ALV) and (SSE: ALIVsdb), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, announced today that the European Commission has completed the previously communicated investigation regarding suppliers of...

    P2i Launches Legal Action Against Shenzhen-based Favored Technology

      P2i, the global leader in liquid repellent nano technology, is launching legal action against a Chinese firm to protect its intellectual property. P2i believes that Jiangsu Favored...

    Major New Legal Industry Study Reveals State of Artificial Intelligence in Contract Analytics

      An authoritative legal-industry report on the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) in contract analysis and data extraction, and its applications within the legal community was released...

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