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    Political Awareness and its Importance

      Politics is one of the most important social constructs in history. Along with only a handful of other concepts it has an influence in everyone’s life, like...

    Now available: Estonian Startup Database that contains data for nearly 1,000 Estonian startups

      Based on an article found investinestonia.com, the Estonian Startup Database that contains data for nearly 1,000 Estonian startups is now live. Estonian Startup Database is the most extensive public source...

    Could Stablecoins Drive the Widespread Adoption of Cryptocurrencies?

      There’s been a lot of buzz about stablecoins recently. Regulators, in particular, have shown a lot of interest in them. Pundits are optimistic about this form of...

    Hipther Agency welcomes Andrada Bota as B2B Sales Executive

      The team at Hipther Agency (parent brand for European Gaming Media and Events / PICANTE Media and Event), leading media/news organization and boutique-style conference specialist, is excited...

    A Beginners Guide – For Learning Python for GIS

      One can quickly increase their market value by learning Python programming for GIS. We wanted it to be as simple as saying, especially when you don't know...

    5 key trends determining the development of European P2P lending in 2020

      Analysts of the P2P platform Robo.cash have identified the most likely trends for the further development of alternative lending in Europe. The most prominent include the increasing...

    How much do crime rates affect property prices?

      Property is a huge investment, and so we’re all understandably keen to make sure we make the right choice. Mistakes can be costly, and even small factors...

    Contribution of internal intranet software to Employee Engagement

      At most of the companies and organizations around the world, employee turnover is something that contributes to meaningful opportunities. Generally, the issue arises only when there is...

    2020 Automotive Industry Innovations that Are Shaping the Future

      The future of the automotive industry has never been closer that in 2020. Although self-driving flying cars are a far cry away, we can still expect innovations...

    6 essential oils to keep your body and mind healthy in winters

      Essential oils are nothing but essences drawn from plants, and have been utilized for beauty, aromatic, and healing purposes from ages. It works wonders when used for...

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