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    5 Things To Consider Before Buying  A Liquor Store

    Investing in a liquor store is one of the best means of having a stable business that will yield income for many years.  Regardless of the nature...

    The European P2P lending market will resume its growth this summer

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every sector, including the P2P lending market, which demonstrated a decrease in funding volumes during March and April. However, analysts of...

    Consumer loans take the biggest share in 34% of P2P investors’ portfolios

      A recent poll by the European P2P platform revealed that these days,  the majority of P2P investors prefer to allocate most of their funds in consumer...

    P2P loans are the most profitable assets for 53% of European investors

      Recently, the P2P platform completed a survey of European P2P investors dedicated to their financial results in 2019. Over half of participants said that the alternative...

    Coronavirus epidemic has not affected portfolios of P2P investors

      While financial markets are experiencing instability due to the coronavirus epidemic, it seems that European P2P investors have not been affected by the situation. According to a... attracts 10,000 investors

      In February, the number of registered investors on the European P2P platform reached 10,000. Remarkably, last year the geographical distribution of its users changed significantly, due...

    Investors aged 28-37 years invest in long-term loans most often

      Analysts of the P2P platform have studied the profile of its users investing in long-term loans. Based on the platform’s statistics, they have revealed that most...

    5 key trends determining the development of European P2P lending in 2020

      Analysts of the P2P platform have identified the most likely trends for the further development of alternative lending in Europe. The most prominent include the increasing...

    How much do crime rates affect property prices?

      Property is a huge investment, and so we’re all understandably keen to make sure we make the right choice. Mistakes can be costly, and even small factors... doubles funding volumes in 2019

      The fully automated P2P lending platform has summed up the results of its operation in the previous year. For the whole time, the platform has financed...

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