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    10 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically

      Home renovation generally needs a well amount of investment, as it is done to make your house look more beautiful and make you feel more comfortable. To...

    Is Artificial intelligence taking over: 5 points to prove it is!

      The third decade of the millennium has started. The technology today has changed so much since the last century. We went from human-guided machines to artificially intelligent...

    Habitat passes 22 million people served in record-setting year providing affordable housing solutions around...

      The nonprofit's 2018 annual report highlights impact in the U.S. and in more than 70 other countries More than 22 million people have secured new or improved housing...

    How to Organize a Workplace at Home

    The number of individuals working remotely increased by 115% over the years. These are just telecommuters; there’s another third of people identified as being self-employed. Most of...

    6 Habits to Keep Your Carpets Cleaner Forever

    One of the best ways to add style to your homes is by getting it carpeted. Carpets enhance the aesthetics of the place and give it a...

    Difference between wooden and steel garage doors

    Garages are a vital ingredient to make your home convenient to a greater extent. In addition to providing a space for safely parking your vehicles, garages also...

    5 ways to Choose a perfect lock for your Workplace

    Worklife isn't easy & most of the important resources are inside your office, and, therefore, it is essential to ensure its security. There are a lot of...

    Home safety tips for holiday celebrations

      American Home Furnishings Alliance, an American umbrella organization of furniture manufacturers and suppliers, has issued some useful tips on protecting the furniture and people during the holiday...

    How to Keep a Water Heater Well-Maintained

    Here’s the thing with water heaters – they represent probably one of the most useful and well-beloved appliances in your home, but if things go awry, they...

    ASSA ABLOY Acquires Luxer One in the US

      ASSA ABLOY has acquired Luxer One, a leading advanced package locker solutions business in the US. "I am very pleased to welcome Luxer One into the ASSA ABLOY...

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