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    How to Make Your Kids Brush Your Teeth?

      Kids tend to behave differently when it comes to brushing their teeth. Some will always remember to do so while others will try their best to avoid...

    What Should You Eat When You Have a Toothache?

      One of the most disturbing health conditions is a toothache. The throbbing pain always gives you hours of torture with no signs of subsiding. That is why...

    Dentistry for adults: 7 Interesting facts to know before choosing your dentist

    One most important thing that makes humans different from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to speak. And, our teeth have a massive role...

    Rockville Dentist Dr. Joseph Kravitz Discovers Various Organic Light Wavelengths to Stop Mouth Pain

    Kravitz Dentistry (http://www.kravitzdentistry.com/) is pleased to announce an innovative dental treatment offering of organic light wavelength treatments for mouth pain without needles, medications, or surgery. Dr. Joseph Kravitz,...

    Goodbye Boring, Hello Minteresting™

      Hello Products Expands Its #1 Selling Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Line with Three NEW Toothpastes and NEW Activated Charcoal Infused Floss As one of the fastest growing oral care...

    No Doggie Dentures Here: WHIMZEES All-Natural Daily Dental Chews for Dogs Reminds Pet Parents...

      New dental chew shapes and educational social media campaign make daily dental care more manageable for pet parents and more fun for pets When was the last time...

    Holistic Dentist Pens a Modern Approach to Oral Health

    Dr. Nammy Patel Releases "Age with Style: Your Guide to a Youthful Smile & Healthy Living" with ForbesBooks Dr. Nammy Patel, DDS, today announced the publication of Age...

    Smile Direct Club Brings Its Revolutionary Teeth Alignment Therapy to Canada

    SmileDirectClub, the pioneer of at-home, doctor-directed invisible aligner therapy, announced today that it is bringing to Canada its teledentistry platform, which empowers consumers to straighten their teeth...

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