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CBD has managed to become an essential part of almost every possible industry on the spectrum. Due to the recent popularity of its benefits and the availability of scientific evidence supporting it, people are gradually incorporating the cannabinoid in their lives. Not only that, but many people now also incorporate CBD into their pet’s lives to help treat and prevent health issues.        

Are you thinking of giving CBD to your furry companion? Do you wonder which is the right CBD product for them? Dive right in and learn more about choosing the best CBD products for your pet dog or cat.

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How to choose the right CBD for your furry friend?

CBD is one of the most versatile compounds available today. There are numerous ways of using CBD and enjoy its benefits, making it even more confusing to choose the most suitable product. If you’re having trouble selecting the right CBD product for your pet, here is a complete guide to help you make the decision:

1.       Type of CBD product:

The foremost thing you must consider as a pet parent is the type of CBD dog treats. CBD is available in numerous forms, and you must choose the optimum type based on your pet’s needs and preferences. The popular ways of using CBD are:

  • CBD treats:

You can find plenty of treats for your furry friend, including biscuits and pet food. The food needs to pass through the digestive system, so edibles may take time to show results.    


  • CBD Oil:

CBD oil comes in a tiny bottle with a dropper, and you can put 5-8 drops of the oil in your furry friend’s mouth. The bloodstreams in their mouth can absorb the cannabinoid, where it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and show almost immediate results.  


  • Capsules:

Capsules can be an ideal way to give regulated doses of CBD to your pet. It is a fuss-free way to provide the cannabinoid to your cat or dog. 


  • Topicals:

In case your pet is suffering from localized pain, inflammation, or infection, you can opt for topicals. They are creams or lotions that you can directly apply on their skin or fur to offer them relief.

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2.       Source:

The next most essential thing for you to consider is the source of the CBD product. The country of origin will help you understand the plant’s growing conditions that go into the CBD product. If it comes from a country where cannabis or hemp is legal, the chances are high that the plant received healthy growing conditions. It plays a pivotal role in the CBD product’s safety and efficacy and helps you select the best one.  


3.       Brand:

While it is given, you must also consider the manufacturer or the brand offering the product. You can conduct thorough research on various manufacturers and find information through their websites or social media profiles. Besides that, carefully go through the customer reviews to ascertain whether the manufacturer is reliable or not. After considering everything, you can opt for a reputable, trustworthy brand that offers quality pet products.


4.       Extraction method:

While you may not realize it, the extraction method used by manufacturers can significantly impact the safety of CBD products. Manufacturers use four main extraction methods: olive oil, dry ice, Co2, and solvent-based extraction. Among them, Co2 extraction is the safest and the best way to extract CBD from cannabis plants. When looking for pet products, you must go for manufacturers that use the Co2 extraction method.

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5.       Third-party results:

If you’re wondering whether the contents written on CBD products are accurate or not, you can check the third-party results. A majority of companies hire a third-party lab to test their products. The experts give a report on the contents and safety of the CBD product. Given that the verdict comes from an expert outside source, customers can trust it easily. If the independent lab confirms that the product is safe and the label’s contents are correct, you can buy it. If you don’t find a report, it is best to avoid using that product for your furry friend.   


6.       CBD content:

Whether your pet has been using a CBD product for a long time or for the first time, you must carefully decide the dosage. The CBD content that goes into your dog’s body will ultimately determine the effect it has on them. While you can regulate the dosage in CBD oil and tincture, it can be tricky to do so for capsules or edibles. Ensure the product clearly defines the amount of CBD that your furry friend will ingest to help you control the dosage.  


7.       Flavor:

Lastly, pets tend to have taste preferences. While one pet can like a particular flavor, your other pet might not. You can easily get a range of flavors in most CBD products. When choosing CBD products for your furry companion, you must select a flavor that your pet likes. It will become easier for you to administer the cannabinoid to your pet daily and without a fuss.  


Final thoughts

CBD is a compound that is helping transform the lives of many around the globe. Much like humans, your pets can also enjoy the many benefits of CBD. You must choose the right product after carefully considering the points given above and make their lives better!