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Pain balms work in a simple but effective manner. They help relieve pain and make patients feel better when used correctly. However, these balms vary based on the composition of the content. Some of the most common pain balms have CBD in them, making them very effective for inflammation and swellings. The secret is to learn how to use the balm properly to achieve excellent results. Below are a few tips that come in handy. Understanding how these balms work and how you can apply them goes a long way.

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Do CBD Balms Work?

One may wonder if CBD balm is effective in any way. Well, like it is with any other medication, CBD balm works perfectly when used appropriately. Many users find CBD balm calming and soothing, which is why it is considered adequate. However, how fast or rapid a reaction one gets depends on several things. 

For example, different CBD balm brands have different concentrations of active ingredients. This means that they will act differently and deliver results differently as well. Most of the BD formulations come in various categories, including broad-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products. The full spectrum categories are extracted from the whole cannabis plant, and they contain minor cannabinoids, trace THC levels, and terpenes.

On the other hand, the broad spectrum category goes through the same extraction process and contains similar components except that the THC is eliminated. Lastly is the CBD isolate, which has been stripped of all the other ingredients and left in pure powder form.  The presence or absence of these compounds has varying effects on the consumers. How one uses the balm depends on the components and also on their body’s response. While some people may need lower doses, others will only feel an impact if the dosage is slightly higher than usual.

What About Research on The Balm’s Efficacy?

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Unfortunately, despite the reviews and positive feedback on CBD balm use on inflammation, there is very little research that supports these claims. Most of the research studies are carried out on the entire plant, which contains THC and other components, meaning that CBD’s effect on inflammation cannot be verified. Even so, a research study carried out on mice revealed that applying CBD balm on arthritis limbs helps relieve pain to a certain degree. 

To further support these claims, a neurological review shows the possibility of CBD helping reduce inflammation and pain, and improve mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. While these positive reviews and studies show a step in the right direction, there is a need for more research in the sector to ascertain CBD balm’s ability to soothe the pain.

It is not clear whether using CBD balm topically can help make any difference, but those who have used them have reported a significant improvement. A survey carried out by the arthritis foundation discovered that over 2500 patients would consider using CBD balm as an alternative pain reliever for their inflammation and pain.

Dosage – How Much is Enough?

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Even as the debate of how effective CBD balm truly is on pain and inflammation goes on, there is still the question of whether specific dosage amounts are required for it to work. One thing is true, though, and that is the fact that topical CBD works locally on particular parts of the body. This is how it can help soothe pain in specific areas. CBD will be absorbed by the skin but will not get to the bloodstream. It means that the balms work just as most over-the-counter topical creams do.

For instance, the CBD muscle balm will interact with highly concentrated cannabinoid receptors in the patient’s skin. The receptors are part of the body’s endocrine system that helps maintain body homeostasis through different body functions, including pain management. Studies showed that CBD binds to the receptors and desensitizes them, which translates to an immediate effect on pain and inflammation. 

This is how the patient gets relief from their pain. Most CBD consumers will rub the balm on the affected part of their skin, especially on the part where the pain is localized. This allows the balm to work.  Some of the VBD balms have a combination of helpful essential oils that can help curb inflammation. In the end, patients and users, in general, are free to select what they want or what would work for them.

Can it Work for Muscle Recovery?

Some users believe that the balm can come in handy when dealing with inflammation and muscle soreness, especially after a sweaty workout session. When involved in an intense workout session, fibers in the muscles tend to tear and cause inflammation. When ignored, they can easily cause muscle soreness. Using CBD balm on these affected muscles can help generate relief and improve how one feels. 

Final Thoughts

Muscle pain and soreness can be excruciating and uncomfortable. The same pain and discomfort occur in patients with conditions such as arthritis, where inflammation is joint. Patients can supplement the anti-inflammatory medication with the CBD balm to help them get instant relief, mainly when applying it to the affected area. Take your time to find the brand of CBD balm you like since they are many.