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If you like smoking cannabis and are thinking about trying out a bong, this is the right place for you. Today we’ll talk about the five essential tips all pros agree on when smoking a bong. There’s no doubt about it – smoking cannabis with a bong has many benefits and guarantees enjoyment. 

To do this right, though, you need to keep an eye on a couple of things. You should bear in mind that there are many different types of bongs out there. So before getting one, make sure you do your research

Overall, we’ll focus on general tips that can help you with any kind of bong. Your personal preference is a part of your identity as a smoker, and we won’t focus on that. So let’s start. 


Thin Down Your Cannabis 

The begin with, you need to prepare the weed before you start smoking. Lots of people go through this stage quickly or ski pit altogether. To get the most out of your cannabis, pay attention to this step.  

First of all, check if your weed bud has leaves, stems, or seeds and clean them out. These things don’t do anything – they will create a bad taste and cracking noises within the bong. Once you’ve done this, break down your bud to bread crumb size. 

You can use a grinder or do it with your hands. Don’t overdo it and turn the weed into powder. It will be easier for the weed to get stuck within the bong’s chamber if you do this. If you are looking for quality bongs, check out Budder Bong


Putting Water in Your Bong Properly 

First, you need to do is remove the part called the “downstream.” Once you’ve done that, fill your chamber with water. Ensure that all the downstream holes are covered entirely with water, as that’s just the right amount. 

At the same time, make sure that there’s no water spilling out from the carb. You can find a lot of theories about what water temperature you should use. In reality, there’s really nothing about water temperature that changes the whole process.

It’s just about personal preference. Try warm water and then try cold to see what you like more. There’s a myth going around that more water equals a better high, which simply isn’t true. Make sure to fill up water just below the carb. 


Deal With Coughing 

Some of the “true bong smokers” will often say that you know that you’re correctly smoking when you’re coughing. We don’t know if this is true or not, but one thing is for sure – you don’t have to cough if you don’t have to. 

It’s unpleasant and annoying. The smoke within the bong causes coughing because it dries the throat and the mouth. To deal with this issue, have a glass of water next to you. Hydrate yourself regularly between hits. 

However, this is not always enough. In this case, use gum or a mint to cause salivation in your mouth. It also won’t work 100% of the time, but it will make coughing lighter.  


Once You are Done With a Hit, Take a Breath 

It might sound funny, but many people don’t know how to breathe when using a bong. It’s all about how you breathe, inhale cannabis, and exhale. To make the most out of the bud, don’t waste any of the smoke created. 

To make sure nothing gets out of your mouth, you should breathe in for around a second after you’ve moved your mouth away from the bong. That way, none of the smoke in your mouth or throat will be released outside. 

At the same time, this will reduce the chances of irritation in your throat caused by smoke. More smoke will go to your lungs, and your herb will work its magic. 


Make Sure Your Bong is Clean 

When you buy a bong, clean it right away, just in case. However, once you start using it, make sure to clean it regularly. Smoking cannabis through a bong creates lots of ash and resin that get stuck inside the bong. It can disrupt taste and make it difficult to smoke. 

The best method to clean it is to use salt, alcohol, and water. Pay special attention to the stem and bowl. Clean them thoroughly and also check the chamber to see if it’s dirty. Do this once a week, and you’ll be good. 



In the end, remember to smoke marijuana responsibly. Don’t go over recommended dosages to enjoy the herb to its fullest potential.