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Have you been using portables and pens for a long time without any satisfaction? Are you looking to switch to something that is more effective but does not burn a hole in your pocket?

A desktop vaporizer is a product you need if the answer to both these questions is a yes. Though portability is not something that a desktop vaporizer promises, you won’t be complaining about that once you get the thick vapor and a distinctive experience.

If you have been looking for a quality vaporizer, you have come to the right place. Here are the top five options in the market for you to consider.

  • Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The renowned vape manufacturer Storz & Bickel needs no introduction to expert vapers, and the Volcano Hybrid is their latest offering. With a digital touchscreen display, dual inhalation technique, and faster heat-up time, Volcano Hybrid is a significant step up from the earlier model of the brand, Volcano Digital.

Moreover, the users get to choose between a whip-style vaporizer and the classic balloon bag. If you are looking for enhanced flavors during your sessions, going for the whip-style option would be a better choice.

The 100-watt heater turns the vaporizer ten times faster than its earlier installation. You will also get temperature settings that will allow you to control the temperature. A bright and clear display helps you understand the exact condition of the heat-up process in the vaporizer.

Top features:

  • Dual inhalation function
  • Digital touchscreen display
  • Ten times faster heat-up time
  • Convection heating facility
  • App compatibility

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  • KandyPens Oura

Though you can call this product a concentrate rig or portable e-rig, the vapor delivery and 3000mAh battery are enough to make KandyPens Oura find a place on this list. The bulb attachment and superfast heat-up time let the users sip the vapor or take in the entire pull to their head at one go. The preset temperatures allow you to explore the flavor of the concentrate better than ever.

Although this vaporizer has a higher temperature than most electric dab rigs, the ceramic bowl atomizer that comes with it lets you gain a bit more flavor than the quartz option.

Finally, it has four temperature settings and a glass attachment made of borosilicate glass for added convenience. This product will change the way you look at portable vaporizers.

Top features:

  • Quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl
  • Smart touchscreen sensor
  • 3000mAh battery
  •   Ultra-fast heat-up time
  •  Four temperature settings

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  • Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic from Storz & Bickel is one of the foundational devices in the vaporizer scene, and its popularity remains intact even after two decades of being in the market. The distinct cone shape of the product has become a sort of icon in the vaping industry. However, its design is not the only reason behind its popularity.

The hybrid heating system is one of the remarkable features of the product. It combines the conduction and convection heating systems to create potent and thick vapor that promises an unforgettable experience.

It features an easy-valve bag system that means you will have to fill a balloon bag to enjoy each, which you can detach to use later. The confidence of the brand in the product is evident from the three years of warranty.

Top features:

  • The iconic cone design
  • Hybrid heating system
  • Easy-valve bag system
  •  Multiple settings for temperature control
  • Three years of warranty


  • Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch is one mean machine that combines a desktop vaporizer and a nail in one device. It is compatible with both oil and wax and delivers excellent vapor in a matter of seconds. So you can even use it for your medicinal purposes

The vaporizer comes with as many as twenty-five heat settings that let you choose a temperature that’s perfect for your style of vaping. It takes no more than four seconds for you to get intense and sharp flavors.

Switch up seamlessly between wax and herb because the product can handle both without any complaint. You can choose to vape or dab herb because the performance of Dr. Dabber is equally brilliant in both cases to offer you a holistic experience every time.

Top features:

  • Wax and herb compatibility
  •  Twenty-five heat settings
  • One hour of charging
  •  Four seconds of heating
  •  Borosilicate glass bubbler

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  • Plenty Vaporizer

What is impressive about the Plenty Vaporizer is that the best tabletop units’ heating ability and a portable design have come together in it. Thus, this one is more flexible and offers better performance than the standard vaporizers.

Though you will plug the Plenty in the wall socket, you can easily lift it off from your table and carry it around. But do not let the compact size give you the impression that it falls short in the department of vapor production.

The thick and potent vapor will elevate your vaping experience. The cooling coil is flexible, and the brand has made it from stainless steel to check both the boxes of durability and longevity.

Top features:

  • Portable and flexible design
  • Precise temperature settings
  •  Lower draw resistance
  • Extra-large herb chamber
  • True convection heating system

Final Thoughts

Your preferences, needs, and budget decide the type of vaporizer you want to take home. Rest assured that you will be disappointed if you select any of the five options mentioned above. So, consider the features of each product and decide on what you want to go for.