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Research and development of cannabis strain continuously revealing new varieties. Their post-consumption impacts are altered in a manner to give you different hitting experiences. The fusion of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid plants is surprising with new strains coming to the cannabis dispensary near you every day in exciting natural terpene flavours. On the basis of hitting impact, we can classify cannabis strains to divide into three categories i.e. 

  1. Morning time strains
  2. Afternoon time strains 
  3. Evening time strains

We are classifying cannabis products on the basis of suitable consumption time because different cannabinoids show different impacts on the brain. Typical effects of cannabis strains can be:- 

  • Relaxation
  • Creative mind 
  • Energetic 
  • Euphoric
  • Cottonmouth
  • Paranoid
  • Focused 

Here we are mentioning some recommendations for afternoon users. The rebooted body and mind in the morning gradually start exhausting in the afternoon. However, workload also starts increasing that demands a relaxed, creative and attentive mind to handle all situations efficiently. For your convenience, we are mentioning a list of strains along with their features to consume in the day time. Take a look!

Suitable cannabis strains for afternoon 

  • Blue dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid dominant strain which is high on THC ( around 27%) and only contains around 2% of CBD. Its deep blue colour hair is the reason for naming the Blue Dream. With high notes of blueberry and sugar, it will surely excite your taste buds. We recommend this strain if you are looking for a strain to keep you highly creative, euphoric and energetic. 

  • Chemdawg

Cheems doge is not only famous in memes but also has good recognition in the cannabis market. Since it became an internet sensation, a new strain had also been introduced. This hybrid dominant strain contains no trace of CBD and a normal amount of up to 22% of THC. Buy it from a cannabis dispensary if you want a balanced euphoric and relaxing hitting impact. 

  • Orange bud 

The orange bud strain is meant for beginners who never tried cannabis during the afternoon time. It is a completely THC dominant variant with an average percentage between 17-20%. We recommend Orange Bud for people who are looking for something highly relaxing and euphoric. Its bud has bright orange hair but you will experience high spicy notes including cinnamon and cloves. 

Ask for these strains from a marijuana dispensary if you don’t want to lose an energetic and creative mind even during the stressful hours of the afternoon.