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The potential benefits of all natural CBD have been touted time and time again for humans and pets. From muscle pain relief to helping a person relax without the psychoactive effects, tons of research is available into how it may benefit you and your pampered pooch or feline.

As people, we naturally produce cannabinoids within our own bodies. In fact, all animals produce cannabinoids and possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS), that interacts with cannabinoids to regulate our pain, inflammation, immune systems, mood and thinking.

So just like vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, cannabinoids might be equally as crucial to keeping a wholesome way of life.

Can CBD Used for Fruit Freshness:

CBD for fruit freshness? It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

University of South Florida researchers published a study in Postharvest Biology and Technology involving whether CBD oil could be added to strawberries to help keep them fresh for a longer period. They first assessed some fresh strawberries for their external appearance to validate their hypothesis and checked their microbial load. 

Nonetheless, in essence, the entire point of cannabis flowers is to create seeds, allowing the plant to reproduce and make sure that its genetic line is continuing. Why is marijuana or hemp not regarded as a fruit? Cannabis buds can also be sprinkled with tiny hair-like structures called pistils. These start off as a translucent white color but turn orange or red as the plant matures

A few of the fresh strawberries were treated with CBD oil, and other strawberries from the batch were left untouched. The strawberries were subsequently refrigerated for eight days, some at 33.8° F and some at 50° F. The results showed that CBD oil helped with extending freshness and it also inhibited the growth of mold and yeast.

CBD Purpose with Fruit:

It may be shocking to see it proposed as a fruit preservative, considering what CBD is typically used for. Scientists have, however, recognized that CBD boasts antimicrobial properties. Even when it comes to researching using CBD in this manner, there isn’t a substantial amount of it.

Final thoughts:

Before you decide to head to your nearest CBD oil retailer to grab some oil to spritz on the strawberries you just purchased at the grocery store, make sure you check with your doctor. Although it is normally deemed safe to ingest, CBD may interfere with some medications. 

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical used in cannabis and hemp, using strong curative and therapeutic properties for a number of our most acute diseases. Together with more antioxidant power than either vitamin E or C, CBD has always demonstrated neuroprotective effects, along with its own anti-cancer potential is Massive