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New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, and it’s time to have a healthy New Year without taking away the fun. CBD infused drinks are all the rage for this coming holiday. Think mixed drinks with a twist of alcohol combined with all of CBD’s health benefits. Make your resolution one of health by committing to taking CBD every day. Ring in the New Year with a CBD infused drink. 

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What is CBD and its Health Benefits?

CBD, a molecule compound found in the cannabis plant, is one of 130 cannabinoids in cannabis. One cannabinoid in the plant is the molecule compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which makes you “high.” CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t make you “high.” 


That’s what makes CBD so appealing. You don’t have to worry about being affected by THC’s psychoactive properties, and you can still enjoy all the health benefits from the plant. 

Our bodies all have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), in which CBD (and THC) interacts naturally with the body. The ECS is an intricate system that creates homeostasis in the body, such as sleep cycles, blood pressure, temperature, and more.


Health Benefits of CBD

Although there are many different health benefits of CBD, there are six in particular that are the most beneficial for people. They are the following:


  1. Relieves Pain
  2. Diminishes Anxiety and Depression
  3. Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms
  4. Reduces Acne
  5. Neurological Protection
  6. Benefits Heart Health


This is just a shortlist of CBD’s health benefits. There are so many that have been researched and proven, and other studies are currently being conducted. If you’re looking for the best CBD for your holiday drink, try Sunday Scaries CBD. Always consult with your doctor before taking CBD.

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There are many different CBD infused drinks, including drinks with or without alcohol. From coffees to cocktails, CBD will make your drinks not only festive but healthy. 

Here are seven of the best CBD infused drinks to try this New Year’s Eve:


CBD Infused Hot Cocoa

There’s nothing like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s night. Take it up to a different level by infusing your hot cocoa with CBD and a splash of cinnamon whisky. This CBD concoction won’t only satisfy your inner child; it’ll turn on your adult side with that whiskey. As for the flavor? CBD infused hot cocoa is a blend of cinnamon spice and whisky mixed with a touch of healthiness with the CBD. Are you making the drink for some kids? Leave the whisky out. Leave the CBD in. Also, make sure to check out the high-quality pot brownies.


CBD Infused Sufganiyahtini

It’s a simple martini, yet so much more. Inspired by the Jewish dessert, Sufganiyah, this cocktail will delight your sweet tooth with its donut flavor and tickle your nose with vanilla and citrus vodka. The sweetened berry wine brings out the flavors of lemon from the CBD lemon tincture. The CBD helps put your body in balance. Every ingredient works together to create one of the best CBD drinks going into the new year. Cheers to another great reason to use CBD this year.


CBD Infused Ginger Beer

This CBD infused Ginger Beer is influenced by its West African roots, specifically, the beautiful Kwaanza holiday, which is mostly celebrated in the United States. Ginger beer is an explosion of citrus flavor when paired with lemon and orange CBD tinctures. A distinct flavor, CBD Infused Ginger Beer will delight your holiday spirit.


CBD Infused Cran-Mint Fizz

With the tartness of cranberries and the zing of mint, your palette will be fresh with fizz. This fruity sensation, combined with CBD, is one thing you can’t go without this New Year. CBD Infused Cran-Mint Fizz is the perfect holiday treat with a little healthy CBD and festive cranberry vodka. 


CBD Infused Hazelnut Coffee

Butter, cannabidiol (CBD), coffee, and Bailey’s — ooh, what an amazing drink. The hazelnut flavor bursts with a cocoa-like taste that works so nicely with the coffee. Bailey’s has a distinct flavor of its own, making your coffee concoction the perfect holiday treat.


CBD Infused Prosecco

Top of the New Year with a cheery glass of CBD infused Prosecco. This delightful mix of CBD and Italian white wine will give you the time of your life this New Year’s Eve. As you fizzle in 2020, enjoy the fresh flavors of lemon or orange by adding a lemon or orange CBD tincture. It’s the only way to fully enjoy Prosecco.


CBD Infused Cosmopolitan

Cointreau and vodka are the stars of this out-of-this-world cocktail, but the CBD is the universe that brings it all together. Take a cheerful journey into the new year with CBD infused Cosmopolitans. This knockout drink will make your new year’s memories things you won’t be able to forget, no matter how much fun you have at the party.

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Now that 2021 is approaching, hope is on the horizon. What better way to celebrate and get healthy than with CBD infused drinks? Adding CBD to the best new year’s eve drinks is an explosion of beneficial fun. You’ll enjoy all the festiveness of the cocktails plus all the health benefits of the CBD. From decreased heart rate to pain reduction, CBD will make your New Year the healthiest and most promising one more at food magazine.