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Seattle, Washington–(Newsfile Corp. – April 6, 2020) – CFN Media (OTCQB: CNFN), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the legal North American cannabis industry, announces the publication of an article discussing 


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What happens when the investment environment surrounding cannabis companies evaporates amid concerns about overvaluations and lack of returns? And then, a worldwide pandemic reverses years of economic growth almost overnight, plunging economies into near-instant depression? One thing that happens is some quality companies become distressed, offering investors the opportunity to purchase a stake at a greatly discounted price.

LucidMood™, a private Colorado-based company offering a variety of cannabis formulations scientifically designed to deliver the mood-enhancing effects of cannabis without the debilitating side effects. And the company was executing on a growth path, culminating in a $4 million investment from cannabis venture capitalist Gotham Green Partners in December 2018 Leveraging the success of its distinctive products in Colorado into wider distribution in other legal states, the company appeared set until a trifecta/once in a lifetime congruence of: the vape crisis while launching version 2.0, an imploding licensee in CA and finally the coronavirus, resulting in recent financing efforts falling apart. As a result, LucidMood execs have taken steep pay cuts while the company offers an investment opportunity to accredited investors.

Accredited? Click here to see the company’s deck and be contacted by LucidMood™.

Here’s the Deal

LucidMood™ is looking to raise $1 million in the short term for what is in essence one-third of the company. The current deal represents an 83% discount from the Series A financing spearheaded by Gotham Green Partners just over a year ago.

The company’s management team, led by CEO Charles Jones, believes firmly in the quality of the LucidMood products and the ability of the team to execute on its growth initiatives and past sales and acceptance by budtenders proves such. Management, already a lean group, has taken pay cuts ranging from 33% to 50% to extend resources and demonstrate faith in the business. Mr. Jones remarked in a recent conversation, “It’s important to remember that consumers will continue buying weed during the coming recession. And with cannabis stocks going down and product sales going up, this is a great time to invest in a brand – particularly one that focuses on relieving stress and anxiety.”

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Accredited? Click here to see the company’s deck and be contacted by LucidMood™.

LucidMood’s Unique Approach to Product Development

LucidMood™ approaches the product development process from a sort of reverse engineering perspective. The first question: Who is using cannabis in legal markets, and what effects or moods are people trying to achieve by using cannabis? They found a large middle ground, between stoners who wanted to get as high as possible (max THC) and medicinal users completely uninterested in the high (CBD only). Most people want the pleasantness, the inspiration, the creativity without the stupefaction, the heaviness, and the paranoia.