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Launching a new product is either exciting or a total fiasco. It is a crucial moment in the journey of a product and requires all your attention. Whether it will succeed or taste failure depends on its product launch marketing campaign. The LaunchPad Agency brings a tried and tested plan for success – for any industry. 


In the entire development process, the launch is the most vulnerable point. Unfortunately, several companies don’t realize the importance of product launch. They spend millions in developing a product but give minimal attention to a formal launch process. A lot of them end up with product failure. That’s bad for business. Isn’t it?  


Product launch is as important as a product itself. A poor launch leaves a product unnoticed on the market and results in low sales. On the other hand, a successful launch leads to happy customers and more sales. 


If you don’t want your potential customers to remain uninformed about your new product, launch a product launch marketing campaign. However, 90% of the new product launches fail. 


The LaunchPad Agency, an experienced product marketing company, explains how to plan a marketing campaign for success.


  • Identify Customer Needs


You cannot create an effective marketing strategy if you don’t know your potential customer’s pain points. There are plenty of ways to learn what your target customers need. 


  • Use surveys to find out what can be different yet useful for customers. In these surveys, you can ask the participants about the product they use and why. 


  • Use social media analytics to learn the customer-specific content requirements. A researchgate study shows that data collected through social analytics platforms correlate with actual product purchases.


  • Analyze Your Competition


Before planning the new product launch route, discover who your competitors are. The market must have dozens of products that look similar to your product or offer similar benefits. To surpass them, it is necessary to examine how customers are responding to them. 


Studying your competition also makes you aware of areas where your competitors are doing well. When analyzing your closest competitors, look at organic and inorganic keywords they are using and compare their content with your official website. 


  • Adopt an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy


In today’s globalized world, your ideal customers can be anywhere. The best approach to identify and reach them is to develop an omnichannel product launch marketing strategy. Here, you should consider both online and offline channels. They must include billboards, newspapers, television ads, social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, etc. 


Also, when spreading the word about your product launch marketing campaign, design it to appeal to your target audience. It must include elements like a tagline, features, positioning statement, and solution to customers’ pain points. 


Hire an experienced digital marketing agency like LaunchPad


Designing and implementing a product launch marketing campaign is a complex, time-consuming process that needs to be handled by experienced professionals. The LaunchPad Agency offers specialized new product launch marketing services to help launch a marketing campaign that only meets your objectives but exceeds them. 


Contact us today and let us be your launchpad to success!