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FRANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NWS Instruments AG is pleased to announce that its first product, the 110mm APO, has successfully completed rigorous beta-testing designed to ensure we deliver the high-resolution instruments for experts that we promised.

This 110mm APO beta program included not only product testing, but fully vetting the precision manufacturing supply chain for the world’s best optical and mechanical instruments:

  1. Every 110mm APO prototype made met and exceeded the published 120 lp/mm MTF50 resolution goal, measured on an industry-standard MTF test platform. This means NWS Instruments will be one of the few companies that verifies and assures the performance of every instrument it ships.
  2. Every prototype demonstrated a visible advantage under test by our expert beta-tester photographers. They produced superior results that exceeded what can be achieved with their existing equipment. Some of their test results will soon be published on This means the instruments not only measure well, they perform with visible distinction as well.
  3. We listened closely to critical feedback during the beta and incorporated important performance and usability enhancements to all upcoming NWS instruments. These painstaking steps led to a longer than expected beta period but ensure that future products will be of even higher quality and get to market faster.

The learnings from the 110mm APO beta has been applied to the upcoming 23mm APO beta. The 23mm APO prototype production started in July 2019, and we expect it to complete by November 2019. At that time, pricing, availability and ordering procedure for all products will be announced via press release and on our website at

About NWS Instruments AG

NWS Instruments AG was founded by industry veterans to serve expert users by inventing, designing and producing precision optical and mechanical instruments. All our designs are originals conceived and refined by the NWS team, with precision manufacturing, assembly and quality control performed in Switzerland and shipped directly to customers worldwide.



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