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Luum’s software helps employers reimagine benefits for today’s multi-modal commuter

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luum – the leading developer of commuter benefits management software for employers – today announced a major product release that reimagines the outmoded pre-tax commuter benefits model. Luum is introducing the addition of a pre-tax commuter card into its lineup.

“Today’s announcement is a win for commuters across the country and the organizations they work for,” said Sohier Hall, President and CEO of Luum. “Employers are wide awake to the reality of how challenging travel to-and-from the workplace can be every day. They want to offer support to their employees by helping make the commute experience a low stress, low cost, productive and healthy part of the day. Luum replaces the traditional pre-tax commuter benefit card with all the virtues of the card but with more flexibility for administrators and more choice for employees. And the user experience is pretty slick. Luum’s emergence in the Human Resources (HR) space only reaffirms our steadfast commitment to solving today’s complex commute challenges for all employers, no matter where they are in their commute program evolution.”

Commuter benefits have seen little innovation since their emergence in the 1980s. Despite the fact that nearly one quarter of workers have left a job due to the commute,1 only 13% of employers offer transit subsidies,2 which often experience low employee enrollment due to lack of program awareness, flexibility, or convenience. More and more employers around the country are recognizing the vital role that commuter benefits play in the total workplace experience and the health of the organization. Luum is out to close the gap – by introducing a pre-tax commuter card alongside Luum’s existing suite of tools to optimize commute programs for today’s multi-modal commuter.

Luum has historically served transportation, real estate and parking professionals with its enterprise commute management software. Luum is moving into the HR benefits administration space to help employers give more of their employees access to pre-tax benefits, commuter subsidies and reimbursements across more commute modes. Employers save more on payroll tax while a greater number of employees save by paying eligible commute expenses with pre-tax dollars. Luum’s software gives administrators the runway to apply eligibility-based commuter benefit policies to achieve specific business objectives – such as reducing parking demand or improving the employee experience.

With this product release, Luum sets itself apart as the only holistic commuter benefits management software that unifies HR, Real Estate & Facilities, and Transportation departments in a single, integrated, data-driven system.

Luum understands that flexible policies and commuter benefits are necessary to improve employee job satisfaction and promote alternative transportation modes. Today’s commuter is multi-modal and tech savvy––entitled to the same flexibility and options afforded by today’s mobility marketplace. Luum’s software empowers organizations to provide pre-tax commuter benefits to employees, while simultaneously managing commuter subsidy limits for transit, parking, and other mobility apps – providing employees benefits for the mobility options they have at their fingertips.

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About Luum

Luum is on a mission to make commuter benefits one of the most sought-after employee perks. Luum’s Commuter Benefits Management software is designed to make the administration of benefit policies, parking workflows, and mobility options more automated, seamless, and scalable. The result: a better employee experience, greater visibility of commute program performance, and reduced parking demand.


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