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Highly Anticipated Book from Holistic Nutritionist Dave Brown Available from P53 Publishing, Amazon, and Friesen Press-

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Fitness–The long-awaited result of David W. Brown’s lifelong quest for protection of children, optimal health and disease-free living is here. “Stop Killing Your Kids,” the culmination of 15 years research on the impact of nutrition on cancer, disease and overall health, is available now from P53 Publishing (, Amazon, and Friesen Press in hardback, paperback and eBook formats.

What you’ll learn from “Stop Killing Your Kids”

What is the state of health in America’s children? While many authorities have expressed concerns, the dire truth of the situation not only for children in need but also in many of the nation’s most well-to-do communities and families is stunning. The results of Brown’s in-depth research is stunning, but it also provides hope as it can serve as a guide for every parent and leader for improving the health of our children and youth and for increasing the vibrancy and resilience of our own lives as well.

About David W. Brown

A serial entrepreneur with a passionate interest in health and fitness, Brown began a parenting magazine in 1987, “The Preschool Times” in Portland, Oregon, and launched a series of baseball clinics for children aged 2 1/2 to 7 years old.

He walked across the United States for Children Abuse Prevention in 1989 to talk with people in positions to better the lives of children. He has also been honored to work with children with cancer as a counselor at cancer camps for kids. In every respect, working with youth and children has deeply influenced his life.

Brown’s first book, “Stop Killing Your Kids” is an extension of his passion for helping children grow up to be happy, healthy and safe. Through the years he has been featured on local TV shows, newspapers and radio programs across America to deliver his message of empowerment and safety for children to all.

ISBN Numbers for “Stop Killing Your Kids”:

Paperback: 978-1-5255-4959-5

Hardcover: 978-1-5255-4958-8

eBook: 978-1-5255-4960-1

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