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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management company, today announced it has helped Smartodds to eliminate its legacy backup solution and lengthy tape backups. Rubrik is delivering a simple and powerful data management solution which has allowed Smartodds to reduce its backup management time by 90%.

Smartodds, a leading statistical research company, specialises in sports modelling services. Using sophisticated big data analytics coupled with predictive statistical models, the company provides deep analysis of past and future sports matches to professional gamblers, helping them place the most profitable bets.

“IT is critical to our success. We provide real-time statistics for our clients, so if we go down and are unable to provide up-to-date data, it could potentially impact our customers’ ability to make betting decisions,” said Charles Delroy, Infrastructure Engineer at Smartodds. “Downtime could be catastrophic. Our main objectives are maintaining 24/7 availability and prioritizing innovation that will allow us to better serve our customers.”

Prior to Rubrik, Smartodds struggled with a tape-based legacy backup solution that was time consuming, costly, and difficult to operate. The company needed to quickly adopt a more innovative solution that would make better use of their resources.

By moving to Rubrik, Smartodds eliminated tape and costly hardware licensing costs, and is now archiving to the public cloud with AWS. In using Rubrik to manage its 95% virtualized environment, including Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and various in-built applications, Smartodds has benefitted from:

● 90% management time savings and 90% faster backup performance, reducing the time spent on backups from 3 to 4 hours every week to only a few minutes per day.

● Near-zero recovery time objective (RTO), it now takes just minutes to restore SQL databases with Rubrik’s Live Mount feature.

● Seamless integration with AWS which has already delivered significant cost savings.

● Plug-and-play deployment which allowed the team to be up and running within one day.

“We believe Rubrik will enable us to be more cutting-edge in our fast-moving market, said Charles. “Rubrik has already allowed us to migrate off tape and leverage AWS for significant cost savings, and the integration couldn’t be easier — just assign an SLA and Rubrik takes care of the rest. Additionally, the platform’s intuitive interface is at a completely different level than its competitors. It really is as simple as point and click.”

“Tech is central to the way Smartodds serves its customers’ needs,” said Martin Brown, Director of Western Europe, Rubrik. “We’re proud to help Smartodds transform its IT so that it can spend less time and money managing its data and more time innovating. “

“Faced with a need to ensure always-on availability for its customers, we knew Rubrik was the right choice for Smartodds”, said Heinrich Koorts, Datacentre and Cloud Consultant at Softcat, Rubrik’s channel partner. “Rubrik’s innovation, speedy recovery and seamless integration with AWS aligned perfectly with Smartodds’ strategic goals.”



[CASE STUDY] Smartodds Eliminates Tape and Moves to AWS with Rubrik


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