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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Longboat Clinical, the clinical technology company specializing in site and patient engagement platforms, today announced the release of Patient CONNECT, a unique solution to streamline patient recruitment into clinical trials and provide much sought-after insights to drug development teams.

This latest addition to the Longboat suite connects patients interested in a particular study directly with enrolling sites and presents their contact details to site staff via an actionable dashboard. Real-time metrics on all aspects of online recruitment activity across all regions and sites are provided to the study teams.

“We designed Patient CONNECT to remove the frustrations around the use of online patient recruitment campaigns,” said Aidan Gannon, Head of Client Services and Innovation at Longboat. “For patients, it can be a disjointed, impersonal experience: site staff do not always receive timely notifications of interested patients and then struggle to find their contact details; and for study teams, it is difficult to address issues with online solutions without real-time access to data and performance metrics.”

Patient CONNECT can be embedded into any third-party online environments to allow prospective patients to self-screen for a study, and submit their contact details to participating sites. Sites will immediately be notified of new patients and can access the details, securely and privately, via the Longboat dashboard, where they will also log the status of each referral through the screening and enrolling process.

“Sponsors don’t always have oversight of their digital outreach campaigns. Patient CONNECT captures all data, from patient behaviors, global site metrics and the conversion rate of each step on the journey in a way that also simplifies the process for sites and patients,” Gannon added.

The solution is fully mobile and features a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

About Longboat Clinical

Longboat is a clinical trials software company dedicated to generating better study outcomes by creating a complete support structure for site staff, patients, monitors, and study teams – where protocol compliance becomes easy and instinctive. In the complex world of clinical development, Longboat’s cloud-based site engagement platform empowers clinical trial site staff to do the right thing at the right time while engaging and supporting patients through their clinical trial journey.

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