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SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jump Liquidity, the bespoke trading services provider affiliated with Jump Trading, today announced that it is partnering with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the nation’s financial regulator, to bring its FX pricing engine to Singapore.

Singapore will be the third pricing engine location provided by Jump Liquidity, which already has a presence in London and New York, and plans to launch in Tokyo shortly. The pricing engine is expected to be in production in the third quarter of 2019. Expanding its FX trading operations in Singapore, where the liquidity provider has had a physical presence for almost a decade, will provide its Asia-based counterparties with additional means of connectivity and access to liquidity.

The move, which supports plans by the MAS to improve the e-trading landscape in Singapore and the region, will enhance price discovery and liquidity, and continue to build on Singapore’s status as Asia’s largest foreign exchange trading centre by volume.

Jump Liquidity currently provides customized pricing to suit a full spectrum of market participants across various asset classes.

Daniel Sheen, who is responsible for Sales and Distribution for Jump Liquidity in Asia, commented on the announcement: “Singapore is a key trading centre for Asia-Pacific, and we are committed to actively growing our business in the region. With the new pricing capability set up in Singapore, we can provide our counterparties with greater liquidity and efficiency in G10, Precious Metals and Emerging Markets transactions.”

“We are excited that Jump Liquidity will be expanding its e-trading offering for FX in Singapore. The diverse mix of players – banks, non-bank liquidity providers and trading platforms – that have set up their e-trading engines in Singapore demonstrates the potential of e-trading in FX in the region, and is a reflection of Singapore’s standing as the centre of FX execution in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Gillian Tan, Executive Director and Head of Financial Markets Development Department, MAS.

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Jump Liquidity (JLQD) was created by Jump Trading to provide bespoke trading services to counterparties across multiple asset classes. The company’s trading professionals maintain the highest standards that have garnered trust and leadership in the quantitative trading environment. JLQD combines unparalleled technology with deep quantitative research to provide unique, competitive pricing delivered through best-in-class trading infrastructure. To learn more about Jump Liquidity contact [email protected]


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