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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aeronext Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Keisuke Toji), the next
generation drone company, and Shenzhen Smart Drone UAV Co., Ltd.
(Shenzhen, Guangdong, President: Edward Jin, hereinafter SMD), a major
manufacturer of industrial drones with tilt-rotor and VTOL capability in
Shenzhen, announced a strategic alliance aimed developing the market for
logistics drones in China, Japan and Asia. Logistics drones are expected
to see widespread adoption and use in the future. With SMD’s customer
base and extensive experience in logistics drones, we are pleased to
announce that we have begun business development for logistics drones
equipped with Aeronext’s unique center of gravity control “4D GRAVITY®”

Aeronext’s unique 4D GRAVITY® technology for center of gravity control
is a fundamental re-examination and development of the structure of UAV
aircraft, and represents stability and reliability not possible with
conventional drones. This means an expanded range of applications for
drones. We have already announced several prototypes of drones equipped
with 4D GRAVITY® in our industrial drone “Next” series, capable of a
wide range of applications.

In May, we established a new subsidiary, Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd., in
Shenzhen City to enhance our 4D GRAVITY® technology license business in
the Chinese market.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, SMD is known as a “global industrial UAV
pioneer” and is a leading manufacturer of industrial drones. With
capabilities that can be developed in-house whole supply chain including
aerodynamic design, flight controller, and operation systems, SMD has
strengths in logistics applications with long-flight capability and
heavy load capacity. With multi-copter and tilt-rotor VTOL product
groups, SMD covers the major four fields, remote sensing, security,
long-distance patrol and logistics. Especially in logistics field, SMD
has deep experience in transportation in mountainous areas, as well as
inter-island areas. SMD has customer bases, including major air
distribution companies in China and postal services in China.

Aeronext and SMD reached an agreement to jointly develop new logistics
applications enabled by 4D GRAVITY® for the Chinese market, and will
start business development using 4D GRAVITY® mounted logistics drones.

SMD aims to develop use cases in Japanese industrial drone market by
working with Aeronext who has rich resources in Japan and to contribute
the expansion of both Japanese and Chinese industrial drone market.

Aeronext sees the Chinese market as a showcase for its global expansion.
With SMD’s experience and achievements in the industrial drone field,
Aeronext and SMD as a strategic partner in the Chinese market, will make
great strides in logistics drones fitted to the specific needs and
issues of our customers.

About Aeronext Inc.

In order to develop the optimal design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
(UAVs) and multicopter airframes, Aeronext researches drone
architecture. Aeronext’s guiding principle for drone architecture is
attitude control, and its center of gravity control technology, 4D
GRAVITY®. 4D GRAVITY® is the core of multiple strengths Aeronext brings
to drone architecture.
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About Shenzhen Smart Drone UAV Co., Ltd.

Global industrial drone manufacturer that can provide one-stop service
from R&D, Production and Sales. Established in 2014 in Shenzhen, SMD
leads technology innovation in the areas of tilt-rotor algorithm and
automatic guiding technology and reaches the international standard in
terms of production and application of aviation composites, by closely
collaborating with Beihang University and Northwestern Polytechnical
University. Having the vision of “The Boeing in Commercial UAV”, SMD has
a multicopter and tilt-rotor VTOL product line to cover the major four
fields, remote sensing, security, long-distance patrol and logistics.
Especially in logistics, SMD has strategic alliance with SF Express and
received fund from them. SMD also has a rich track record in mountainous
areas and inter-island transportation centered on major air distribution
companies and customers such as China Post.
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