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Excel Advisor™ offers vast expertise, insight and market intelligence
for companies seeking to accelerate entry-to-market and to optimize
sales, growth and profitability

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ACO–Excelerant Consulting (
today announced Excel Advisor™, a newly scaled, value-priced level of
sales and marketing expertise for providers of healthcare products and
services seeking to expand market share and increase revenues.

“Understanding how to sell your products into the complex healthcare
market is critical for organizations of all sizes and across all
categories,” said Frank Ripullo, Excelerant Co-Founder & Managing
Partner. “We can help organizations who want to learn more about product
differentiation, value analysis, pricing, the RFI/RFP protocol, supply
chain, even marketing and sales strategies.”

Additionally, Excelerant can help organizations navigate the very
complex world of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO), Integrated
Delivery Networks (IDN) and Regional Purchasing Coalitions (RPC). “This
can be a very costly, daunting task if you don’t do it properly,”
Ripullo said.

Excelerant’s primary service offering – end-to-end portfolio solutions,
including strategic planning and execution, sales force development and
optimization, and contract negotiation – is retainer-based. Excel
Advisor, the scaled, second-tier offering, includes a limited number of
monthly hours for telephone-based consultation to help medical device
manufacturers better understand the healthcare sales landscape and to
plan a successful product launch.

“Answers to your most critical questions are just a phone call away,”
said Nancy Kailas, Co-Founder & Managing Partner with Ripullo. “We
understand the reality of limited resources and we want to help you find
your quickest route to profitability and growth at an affordable rate.”

With extensive experience across all healthcare verticals, the
Excelerant team of consultants can help providers determine whether or
not their product or service is appropriately differentiated; identify
the proper sales channels; target the right GPOs, IDNs and RPCs; and
advise on how best to get their product sold.

“A few hours on the phone can help you avoid some costly pitfalls and
obstacles. It’s critically important to get it right the first time so
you don’t waste time, energy and resources,” Ripullo said. “After
engaging in our tiered advisory service, you’ll have a better
understanding of how the market works, how to build your plan, and what
it takes to get to ‘yes’ quickly. Ideally, we want to help position a
company so it’s the principal player in its particular category with the
greatest possible upside.”

Kailas stresses the importance of identifying the optimum route to
market. “Oftentimes, people don’t realize there are alternatives,” she
said. “Excel Advisor helps identify those options and recommends the one
that we believe will be the best fit for your product and your

Ripullo and Kailas each had previously founded successful healthcare
consulting firms before merging talents and co-founding Excelerant, an
even more robust consultancy.

Excelerant team members each have more than 25 years’ experience and the
company has a growing network of more than 1,500 independent healthcare
sales professionals assisting clients in putting together an outsourced
field-sales organization.

“Since our goal is to be the partner that helps companies get their
products into the right market in the quickest, most efficient manner
possible, with Excel Advisor, our clients now have access to some of the
most important information and answers they need as they establish a
foothold in the market at a rate they can afford,” Ripullo said. “Then
as sales accelerate and profitability increases, we hope to continue as
your trusted, ‘go-to’ advisor with our broader portfolio of services
focused on execution and driving sales results.”

Excelerant Consulting, LLC, based in Scottsdale, AZ, offers two
tiers of expert healthcare industry consulting services:

  • A retainer-based, full portfolio of end-to-end solutions, including
    Healthcare System Contract Negotiation, Strategic Planning &
    Execution, and Sales Force Development & Optimization
  • Excel Advisor™, a scaled, value-priced healthcare consulting service
    billed by the hour

The privately held company has longstanding relationships within every
major Group Purchasing Organization, Integrated Delivery Network and
Regional Purchasing Coalition and prides itself on expertly leading
clients through today’s rapidly changing, increasingly complex
healthcare environment.


Frank Ripullo, 949.842.2520
Nancy Kailas, 847.682.8532