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Funds will power GFM’s mission to deliver best-in-class content and
certificate courses that educate consumers and professionals about

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Flower Media, the nation’s #1 trusted cannabis education
platform, today announced the closing of its $20 million Series A
financing round. The round was led by Tuatara Capital, with
additional funding from Poseidon Asset Management and Phyto Partners.
The funds are earmarked toward developing additional industry-leading
Certificate programs; expanding the subscription service with new
original content; forming deeper strategic partnerships with both
corporations and associations; and expanding the Green Flower team.

Green Flower’s upcoming Certificate program offerings include Cannabis
Business, Medical Applications of Cannabis, Regulations & Compliance,
Cannabis Extraction, Hemp, CBD, Cannabis Sales, and more. These
expert-led programs fulfill a crucial need for training in various
sectors of the legal cannabis industry. Would-be employees and
entrepreneurs often lack the knowledge and credibility needed to succeed
in the industry’s various career pathways. This is a major
challenge—both for career changers vying to break into the industry and
for companies with untrained or new employees.

Green Flower’s Certificate programs provide necessary expertise for
thousands of students and job seekers around the world, empowering and
equipping them for success in distinct sectors of the legal cannabis
industries. These programs are also being utilized by leading cannabis
companies and mainstream businesses to train staff and new hires, which
ultimately leads to ease in scaling.

Four new channels of original content will soon be introduced via the
Green Flower streaming video subscription service; these include
Cannabis for Health & Wellness, Cannabis Business, Growing Cannabis &
Hemp, and Cannabis Culture. The world’s leading experts will have a
platform to share their knowledge and wisdom about cannabis with a
global audience who is seeking trusted cannabis information. This
content will also be made available on a new mobile app and OTT channels
beginning Q3.

With this raise, the Green Flower team will triple from 25 to 75 people.
These hires include expansions to Green Flower’s marketing, operations,
and sales teams, as well as a new dedicated higher education department.
Green Flower is also significantly upping its in-house production team
to include a new VP of Content, instructional designers, content
producers, and technical writers.

Max Simon, Green Flower’s CEO/Founder, explains: “With this
raise, we are moving forward in our sole mission to educate the world
about cannabis. If cannabis was just discovered today in our modern
society, without its colorful past, we would celebrate this plant as
among the most important medical discoveries of the 21st Century.”

“There is nothing more important in the evolving cannabis industry than
education,” says Stephanie Graziano, Green Flower Media’s
Co-Founder and COO. “Green Flower is dedicated to creating smarter
consumers, better-educated sales teams, and smartly scaled businesses.
The quality of our production and the experts who contribute knowledge
and education is unmatched.”

About Green Flower Media

Established in 2014, Ventura CA-based Green Flower Media is the #1
trusted cannabis education platform, featuring high-quality video
content from 700+ top cannabis experts, doctors, scientists,
researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders at the
forefront of cannabis today.

As the world’s largest cannabis video platform, Green Flower’s 2,000+
hours of video content provide all the most crucial training and
education to help people succeed within a host of sectors of cannabis.
These include using medicinal cannabis; cannabis business and
compliance; cultivating cannabis and hemp; and much more. Green Flower’s
content and training has helped thousands of job seekers and
entrepreneurs break into the industry, as well as businesses seeking a
cost-effective manner in which to train their employees.

To learn more—and speak with Max Simon—contact Richard Laermer of RLM
Public Relations at [email protected];
+1-212-741-5106 X 216.


Richard Laermer
RLM Public Relations
[email protected]
X 216.