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The agency shares their investment model and focuses on using TV to
reach major milestones in recent rebrand.

, a Minneapolis-based TV advertising agency, announced
today a key rebrand to reflect their focus on using television to help
companies reach major milestones. The new brand includes the agency’s
decision to fully communicate the upfront investment they make in each
of their client’s campaigns.

Chuck Hengel, Marketing Architects’ CEO, commented on this decision, “As
we have continued to invest in our TV platform, we have seen tremendous
growth in new clients that are disrupting their respective categories
and traditional industries by utilizing our model. As the debate over
the proper application of television as a key marketing channel
continues to grow, we decided it was time to fully share our beliefs in
how to use TV to successfully drive business results.”

Marketing Architects has been investing upfront in client campaigns for
over 22 years. This includes a full investment in each client’s
creative, conversion, and analytics costs, allowing every element of
their TV campaign to be fully integrated and optimized. This model has
led to numerous breakthroughs in campaigns and many successful,
long-term client relationships.

It’s no secret that marketers are fighting an uphill battle when adding
television to their marketing equation, and heavy debate exists around
the correct way to approach TV. Through this rebrand, Marketing
Architects is taking a stand to communicate the necessity of looking at
the larger effects of TV. This stems from their core belief of
approaching TV marketing as its own beast, separate from the way
marketers think of investing in and measuring their digital spend.

“We do not measure TV success for our clients on an immediate
performance basis only,” said Hengel. “Instead, we look at TV as a
full-funnel marketing channel, where the real value comes from building
a brand and achieving major business results such as raising stock
price, increasing brand recall, improving customer loyalty, raising
capital, and more.”

Hengel added, “This rebrand positions Marketing Architects as an agency
focused on helping companies reach major milestones using TV. Our
clients’ sustained success is proof of this positioning, and we look
forward to continuing to improve our offering and staying focused on our
mission to deliver these results through TV.”

The rebranding includes a new company website that reflects the new
positioning, a simplified logo, updated imagery that seeks to represent
the power of TV as both a performance and brand-building channel, and
updated communications to share business results with the marketing

About Marketing Architects

Marketing Architects is an advertising agency with a 22-year history of
helping companies reach major milestones. By investing our own capital
into each TV campaign, we disrupt the high costs and low accountability
of traditional agencies to move performance brands forward and company
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