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SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dcoin, the Global Financial Level Leading Cryptocurreny Exchange,
announced it would launch platform token DT through Multi-Chain
Resonance model, which strikes the first of its kind in a digital world
to issue a platform token for its eco-system.

Dcoin Exchange was incubated by JRR Crypto, the investor who
successfully invested Binance and deeply digging on the crypto-exchange
track. Dcoin, targeting to be a financial level digital assets and
derivatives trading platform, ranks top 30th on coinmarketcap, which is
a stable and cool achievement for a new comer. Dcoin’s core team comes
from well-known internet companies such as Google, Baidu and 360.
Nowadays Dcoin has operation centers in Singapore, Seoul, Switzerland,
HongKong. After nearly half a year’s operation, Dcoin has accumulated a
user base exceeded 100,000, with daily active traders over 1,000, and
users spreads over China, South Korea, Southeast Asia and European

Dcoin Token (DT) is a Global Utility Token issued by ESPBC Foundation
for Dcoin Exchange and its eco-system. DT holders would have right to
participate in Dcoin community autonomy co-construction.

Since Dcoin has fast growing global users base, the issuance of platform
DT would reunite all users’ right in Dcoin eco-system.

Dcoin Multi-Chain Resonance resonates trend of blockchain industry in
year 2019

Looking into the development in the blockchain industry, it can be
concluded that only investors who stand on the “trend” can obtain
investment wealth. Some of the big trend in the blockchain industry in
the past few years are: ICO, Platform coin era, trade-mining mode, FOMO
3D Game, IEO and lately hot Resonance Mode.

This year in June, Dcoin Exchange re-made the trend into Mix-Resonance
Mode, combining the advantages of Trade-Mining, FOMO 3D, IEO, Resonance
to innovate the DT borne EVENT – PLAN MATRIX, strike the industry as
world first Multi-Chain Resonance Mode. Game Mechanisms such as LEO
(Ladder Exchange Offering) climbing tower, Fissioner Group Battle,
Melting Node, and FOMO Lottery Pool have improved the value-added logic
of value investment and ensured the stable and reasonable growth of the
token price.

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