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RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan Unveils Keynote Stage Line-up

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Addressing the pressing cybersecurity issues impacting the region’s
digital economies at the seventh annual event in Singapore

, the world’s leading information security conferences and
expositions, today announced its line-up of keynote speakers for RSA
Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). The Conference keynotes will
be opened by Mr.
Amrin Amin
, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry
of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health on Tuesday, July 16, at
the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The APJ region is home to seven of the top 10 economies with the largest
ICT to GDP growth ratio1. As economic growth and people’s
lifestyles become increasingly dependent on digital products and
services, this year’s keynotes will focus on how everyone – from the
C-suites to the frontlines – can ensure a more secure region while
collectively continuing to pursue progress.

Some highlights of the keynote line-up include Kyla
, a 17-year-old student and internationally-renowned
cybersecurity prodigy and entrepreneur, who will share her thoughts on
transforming public education systems around privacy and cybersecurity
and what she believes should be the mission of all cybersecurity
initiatives. Also, a team of global computer forensics and ethical
hacking experts from the SANS
will deliver unique perspectives on dangerous new
cyber-attack techniques and how we can make radical changes to improve
the current state of ‘cyber-insecurity’.

Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and the Human Zero Day
will be a
highlight on the Conference keynote stage. RSA Conference Program Chair
Hugh Thompson will feature special guests – actor and writer Alexis
Conran, and top cybersecurity researchers Saurabh Shintre and Dr
Vrizlynn Thing. Together, they will discuss what makes humans most
susceptible to being manipulated and compromised, how DeepFakes and AI
are being weaponized, and how this forever changes defense strategies.

“Driving progress and navigating an evolving cybersecurity landscape
come hand in hand. The rise of e-commerce and FinTech in Asia boosts
consumption and inclusion but makes us vulnerable to new forms of scams
and fraud. Sharper AI algorithms boost productivity but can also be used
to make cyber-threats harder to discern. The line-up that we’ve
assembled will help us better leverage digital opportunities while
managing associated risks. Our goal is to help create a brighter future
by highlighting what it takes to become more secure today,” said Linda
Gray Martin, Senior Director and General Manager, RSA Conferences.

Keynote speakers and sessions include:

  • Mr. Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home
    Affairs & Ministry of Health

    Opening keynote
    Guest-of-Honor for RSA Conference 2019 APJ, Mr. Amrin Amin is Senior
    Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and
    Ministry of Health. He is a Member of Parliament representing
    Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (Woodlands) since
    September 2015. Prior to political office, he was a corporate lawyer
    specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Amrin read law at the
    National University of Singapore (Bachelor of Law) (Honors) and
    Columbia University in New York (Master of Law) (Harlan Fiske Stone
  • Kyla
    , Founder / CEO, Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education
    | Tales of a Teenage Security Supergirl

    Before her freshman
    year in high school, Kyla Guru founded Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity, a
    national organization that now sustains more than 20 national
    partnerships with school districts, corporations like Facebook and
    IBM, and educational platforms like Discovery Education, all to
    increase awareness, literacy, and fluency in privacy and
    cybersecurity. Guru will share her story of being a social
    entrepreneur, what she believes should be the greater mission of all
    cybersecurity initiatives, and what she sees as the future of the
  • The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter

    Presented by the SANS Institute, this keynote panel will
    reveal the most dangerous new attack techniques, how they work and how
    we can stop them. Speakers include Robert
    M. Lee
    , CEO and Founder, Dragos, Inc, SANS Certified
    ; My-Ngoc
    , CEO / Principal Consultant, Secured IT Solutions,
    SANS Certified Instructor
    ; Stephen
    , SANS Faculty Fellow, PenTest and Cyber Defense
    Essentials Curriculum Lead
    and moderated by Nick
    , Director of Klein & Co., Computer Forensics, SANS
    Certified Instructor
  • Rohit
    , President, RSA, and Holly
    , Senior Vice President and Digital Transformation
    Lead, RSA | The New Why of Cybersecurity

    Digital investment
    accelerates business velocity, transforms constituent experiences and
    spawns new opportunities. But this formidable force for human progress
    also magnifies risk. Together with leading industry experts from RSA,
    Rohit Ghai will address the management of digital risk as the new
    ‘why’ for cybersecurity.
  • Diana
    , Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft | Better
    Cybersecurity with AI and ML? Focus on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

    and machine learning can speed up the threat response cycle, but
    without diverse teams developing these machine learning models, we may
    end up automating bias or even criminals’ attack paths. Diana Kelley
    will explain the importance of culture and diversity within
    organizations’ cybersecurity teams, to ensure they benefit from
    advances in the fields of AI and machine learning.
  • Haiyan
    , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security
    Markets, Splunk | Embracing Chaos to Reimagine Cybersecurity

    nation-state hacks and concerns around privacy continue to mount, data
    is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of the
    security operations center (SOC). With security professionals facing
    an ever-increasing volume of risk, Haiyan Song will share ways to
    embrace data chaos, fuel innovation and stay one step ahead of today’s
    biggest security threats.
  • Aarti
    , Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Security |
    The New Rules of Security

    The reality today is that
    enterprises must secure business processes from and for the cloud. As
    we move into the next era of cloud computing, Aarti Borkar will detail
    how cybersecurity leaders can adopt a continuous security model to
    protect data and workloads, manage threats and compliance, and secure
    identities and networks.
  • The Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and The Human Zero Day
    social engineering and exploiting human zero days to DeepFakes that
    are now harder to discern than ever before, the greatest threats we
    have ever faced sit inside the human mind. This closing keynote takes
    you behind the scenes to explore what it is about humans that makes us
    susceptible to getting manipulated and compromised. Learn how
    DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized from world-renowned
    application security expert and RSA Conference Program Committee
    , and special guests Vrizlynn
    , Senior Vice President, Head of Cybersecurity
    Strategic Technology Centre, ST Engineering
    ; Saurabh
    , Senior Principal Researcher; and Alexis
    , a celebrity presenter and broadcaster best known
    for his role in highly acclaimed BBC TV show, The Real Hustle

Additional information and online registration details:

About RSA Conference:

RSA Conference is the premier series of global events and on-demand
programs where the world talks security and leadership gathers, advances
and emerges. Whether attending in the US, the EMEA region, the
Asia-Pacific region or online, RSA Conference events are where the
security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and
get access to the people, content and ideas that help enable individuals
and companies to win, grow and do their best. It’s about bringing all
people in the cybersecurity industry together and empowering the
collective “we” of the cybersecurity industry to stand against
cyberthreats around the world. RSA Conference is the ultimate
marketplace for the latest technologies and hands-on educational
opportunities that help industry professionals discover how to make
their companies more secure while showcasing the most enterprising,
influential and thought-provoking thinkers and leaders in security
today. For information on events, online programming and the most
up-to-date news pertaining to the cybersecurity industry visit

RSA Conference logo, RSA, Dell, EMC, Dell EMC and other trademarks
are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be
trademarks of their respective owners.

1 International Monetary Fund. Regional Economic Outlook:
Asia-Pacific. May 2018.


Amanda Sng / Cheryl Ng
Edelman Singapore
6494 1579 / +65 6347 2326

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Colombia based Digital Services Firm Zemoga launches first LatAm world class Device Lab to rival Silicon Valley Tech Giants

Business Wire



Reading Time: 4 minutes

With over USD $350,000 invested, Colombia is the first country in the region to offer a world-class Device Lab driven by design thinking and developed with the same level of quality as Google and Facebook in Silicon Valley

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BuildBetter–Based in Colombia, digital services firm, Zemoga, has created the first world class Device Lab in the region to validate, verify and test the design, deployment and operations of digital services they develop for their clients in the Americas. With this latest milestone, Zemoga becomes the first regional digital services firm with a dedicated facility of this level, which further proves the model of the exportation of services and innovation from Colombia pioneered by Zemoga, as well as the further development of design and engineering professionals in Colombia.

Software testing (manual or automated) is a critical component of the process that allows for the proper operation and usability of custom-built applications, which is why Development & QA engineers as well as UX/UI designers are often seen as product ambassadors who serve as mediators between the development team and users of these applications. For this reason, labs such as Zemoga’s become vital work environments that help ensure both the interfaces and mechanics are fully optimized, void of friction and deliver on the intention of the application for the business, and the user applications.

DJ Edgerton, Founder and CEO at Zemoga, explained that the Zemoga Device Lab had from its initial inception and planning set the bar to the highest level of technology and hardware available. “We consulted with our Sony and Walmart clients as to what the expectation was for their business, and then we just pushed it a bit further as we always have. We made an investment of USD $350,000 to our newly designed third floor where the Device Lab is located. We ran the process through design thinking methodologies, putting the user, which in this case is our staff, first.”

“The result is a beautifully efficient work environment that is second to none. Not only in Colombia, but in the world. There is absolutely no reason why this type of advanced technology and service cannot be available from Colombia. It’s a matter of having the courage and confidence to know Colombians can compete, and win, on the world’s technology stage.” added Edgerton.

Zemoga’s Device Lab is also an essential ingredient for any advanced interface developer. In order to perform tests, many companies must rent virtual and actual versions of devices to use, but with the Device Lab, Zemoga’s team will have the physical devices, upwards of 150 currently across multiple manufacturers and platforms, conveniently available on the fly through a custom designed toggle system to use and test directly. It is with this presence that Zemoga can perform tests and upgrades required for any product, on any device allowing them to have the best version possible for final consumers.

These labs, also known as digital farms, can cost between USD $3,000 and USD $7,000 per month to rent, depending on the level of effort required: a very high cost for companies that need to perform constant testing. For this reason, Zemoga developed the Device Lab to deliver for clients a higher level of quality and efficiency in-house in this often overlooked but critically important discipline.

Zemoga will now be able to synchronize the development of digital services with the three disciplines (Design, Development, and QA) in parallel, and they will have a custom space to discuss the nuances and needs of each project. “We’re not only offering a lab with over 150 of the latest and most widely used devices globally, but also providing a dedicated team with a high level of expertise in the experiential and testing automation disciplines of the software development process”, explains Edgerton.

The Device Lab, which is located in the firm’s Bogota HQs, responds to multi screen consuming trends and has more than 150 devices, including Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Android and iOS mobile devices, Roku, Amazon, Apple TV and Nvidia Shields among others, all divided into separate work stations for teams to develop and test their projects.

Likewise, the project is part of the firm’s long term growth plan, which aims to more than double the company’s staff and revenue by 2021. To prepare for this growth, Zemoga opened the third floor of its HQs to also include a gym, a library, a museum, and the Zemoga Academy, a new venture providing a curriculum of advanced educational workshops and certifications for both Zemoga employees and professionals that are interested in expanding their knowledge in, software engineering, product and user experience design.

About Zemoga

With the best of design and technology, Zemoga creates digital experiences that supercharge its clients’ business with top talent who love what they do and who they do it for. With 18 years of experience, the firm is the pioneer in nearshoring digital services from Colombia with a 99% local team that keeps growing and being first in developing digital services in Colombia for Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Zemoga is a multicultural team with some of the world’s best digital thinkers, designers, technologists and creative leaders, all working together to produce and create apps, interactive platforms and other digital services that fits the needs of each project. Zemoga builds better, understands and supercharges its clients’ objectives to create innovative and high impact solutions for the reality of each industry and each organization.

For additional information, visit and follow us on Linkedin.


Rodrigo Salazar

Zemoga Inc

(213) 285 0805

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Business Wire

John L. Bowman Named Senior Managing Director of The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association

Business Wire



Reading Time: 4 minutes

Former Managing Director, Americas for CFA Institute comes to CAIA as organization is building its global footprint and embarking on the next phase of its growth

AMHERST, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, the global leader in alternative investment education, today announced that John L. Bowman has joined the CAIA Association and been named Senior Managing Director. Mr. Bowman is an industry veteran and previously held a number of senior roles with CFA Institute, most recently Managing Director, Americas.

In this newly created role, Mr. Bowman will oversee curriculum and exams and co-lead the global business development team.

I’ve long admired the work done by CAIA. With the credibility of the investment industry under scrutiny and long-term investor outcomes at risk, there has never been a more opportunistic time for alternative asset classes to play a greater role in recovering the narrative of the noble purpose of the investment profession,” said Mr. Bowman. “I could not be more excited to be joining CAIA at a very interesting point in the market cycle. Investors need to think about diversification of risk and the role that alternative investments can play and doing so must begin with the essentials of education and industry partnership.”

CAIA’s membership currently totals more than 11,000 from over 97 countries. In just the past year, the organization saw further penetration in current markets and expansion in many of the emerging market countries across Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Our curriculum is at the heart of our mission and John’s partnership, on the business side of the curriculum, is an enormously important strategic development,” said Keith Black, Ph.D., CAIA, CFA. “I look forward to working with John as we expand our expertise through global markets and continue to further integrate our most senior allocators into all that we do.”

CAIA’s curriculum is overseen by an experienced team with a unique mix of backgrounds both as practitioners and in academia. Thousands of candidates take the first level of the two-part CAIA exam each year as the first step in earning the prestigious CAIA Charter.

The alternatives industry is entering a period where products and wrappers have gotten more complex and access has become more democratized,” said William J. Kelly, CEO of the CAIA Association. “CAIA must respond to this with more resources and recognize (and reconcile) the pureness of our educational mission with the complexities of building and running a global business. I am eager to have John join us and bring complementary skills to our existing curriculum and business development teams.”

Mr. Bowman, CFA, brings more than 20 years of global experience in investment management and product development. His executive roles at CFA Institute included overseeing the Americas, consisting of 40+ countries, 89 local societies, and 90K Members, where he was responsible for strategy, risk management, compliance, and operational execution. Mr. Bowman also served as Managing Director and Co-Lead, Education at CFA Institute, managing a global team that generated $180M in revenue annually from a portfolio of educational programs including the CFA Program, Investment Foundations, and the CIPM program. He spearheaded product strategy and positioning, curriculum and test development, exam administration, and grading. Prior to his time at CFA Institute, Mr. Bowman was an international portfolio manager at State Street Global Advisors and Mellon Growth Advisors. He has worked across the globe in London, Hong Kong, and New York and is a graduate of University of Mary Washington.

Today’s announcement comes just a few weeks after CAIA officially launched the FDP Institute and Financial Data Professional credential. This is the first credential designed for financial analysts working alongside data scientists.

The hallmark of any successful and growing franchise is a commitment to a core mission supported by a tight strategic, but complementary agenda,” added Mr. Kelly. “Doubling down on our curriculum at a time when we are looking for greater penetration in Asia, as witnessed by the recent opening of an office in Mumbai, along with the recently announced FDP Institute as an educational answer to the ongoing digitization of the investment process, rounds out our strategic focus for the foreseeable future.”

About the CAIA Association

The CAIA Association is the world leader in alternative investment education, offering the only education program uniquely designed for individuals specializing in institutional-quality alternative investments. The Association is best known for the CAIA Charter, an internationally-recognized credential granted upon successful completion of a rigorous two-level exam series, combined with relevant work experience. Earning the CAIA Charter is the gateway to becoming a Member of the CAIA Association, a global network of more than 11,000 alternative investment professionals located in more than 97 countries. The Association supports 30 global Chapters in financial centers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America, including a Virtual Chapter that brings together Members from far-flung locations around the world. CAIA also offers the Fundamentals of Alternative Investments certificate program (“Fundamentals”), an introductory-level online course, designed to provide a foundation in the core concepts in alternative investing. This program represents a natural extension of CAIA’s mission to provide solutions to specific market needs for alternative investment education.

To learn more about the CAIA Association, contact Deborah McLean (413) 253-7373 or For more information on the CAIA Charter, please visit

About the FDP Institute

The FDP institute was established to address the growing need in finance for a workforce that has the skills to perform in a digitized world where an increasing number of decisions will be data and analytics driven. The FDP institute offers the only global educational program and designation to bridge the gap between financial professionals and data scientists. The FDP credential offers expertise in data science and its practical applications in finance. The FDP curriculum was designed with the collaboration of academia and industry practitioners and is divided into two segments, the online prerequisite courses, providing foundations of mathematics, statistics and Python programming, and the FDP exam covering big data, data mining, and machine learning applications in finance.


Chris Sullivan

MacMillan Communications

(212) 473-4442

Deborah McLean, CAIA Association

Managing Director, External Relations

(413) 253-7373

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Business Wire

SCI Welcomes Industry Veteran to Advisory Board

Business Wire



Reading Time: 2 minutes

QUEENSBURY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Subcontracting Concepts, LLC is very pleased to announce and welcome Chris MacKrell as a new member to the SCI Advisory Board. SCI’s newly formed Advisory Board has been created to provide strategic guidance and technical advice — ensuring SCI remains the leading third-party administrator as the last-mile supply chain is shaped by new forces.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge in last-mile logistics to SCI. He will be instrumental in continuing SCI’s market-leading position as the preeminent third-party administrator for logistics brokers and owner operators in the last mile marketplace.

Chris is the co-founder of Custom Courier Solutions and served in various national sales and Senior Operations roles as the Manager of Business Development at CD&L and Regional Vice President – East Sales and Operations at AirNet, a $150M Air freight carrier.

Like SCI, Chris believes strongly in advocating for this industry. In 2013, he testified before a Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Workforce Safety on the key role Owner Operators play in the US economy. He served as the President of the CLDA – Customized Logistics and Delivery Association, formerly the MCAA, and the NYSMCA – New York State Messenger and Courier Association. Prior to his term as President, Chris served as a Chairman of both the CLDA & NYSMCA Government Affairs committee. The NYSMCA is the key trade association advocating for the industry in New York State. He is a recipient of the industry’s Distinguished Service award in 2009 and an inductee into the CLDA Hall of Fame in 2016. The CLDA is the nation’s largest logistics industry trade association. Chris has a B.S. degree in Business from SUNY Brockport. He currently resides in Saratoga Springs, New York.

I am thrilled to be part of the SCI team. I have had nothing but great experiences working with SCI as both a client and member of CLDA and I am looking forward to contributing my industry expertise to SCI’s already market-leading technical innovation.”

Peter Fidopiastis, President and General Counsel, states, “We are very excited to welcome Chris to our advisory board at SCI. His track record in this industry is unparalleled, and his vast experience is something of great value to SCI and the future of our business. Mr. Fidopiastis added: “Chris brings a unique perspective in the industry that SCI has never had before.”

About SCI

Subcontracting Concepts, LLC (SCI) is the premier Third-Party Administrator (3PA) servicing the logistics industry. SCI provides its customers with competitive insurance programs, settlement Processing, and personalized customer Service for logistics brokers. Building software and services that can keep up with the demand of the logistics industry has always been our focus. Furthermore, everyone at SCI is dedicated to knowing more about our customers’ needs and adapting to meet them. The SCI team is continually collaborating on new and exciting ways to streamline owner operator enrollment, document management, and verification. SCI combines technology, personal customer service, and years of knowledge and experience to create a one stop shop to ease the burden of owner operator management. For more information visit


Brent Pickerd

(800) 821-5344

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