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ExoFest 2019 to Feature Latest Exosome and Extracellular Vesicle Research

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Annual One-Day Event Hosted by System Biosciences and UCSF Features
Experts in the Field

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ExtracellularVesicles–System Biosciences (SBI), a leading provider of exosome research tools
and services, announced the 2nd Annual Exosome Research Festival –
ExoFest™ 2019 – will be held tomorrow, June 6, 2019 at University of
California, San Francisco (UCSF). ExoFest is a one-day meeting to bring
together scientists with an interest in exosome and extracellular
vesicle research. This year’s symposium is co-organized by SBI and Dr.
Lynn Pulliam and Dr. Sharanjot Saini of the UCSF Veterans Affairs
Medical Center.

Once thought to be little more than a way for cells to offload waste,
exosomes (small extracellular vesicles ranging in size from 30 – 200 nm)
are a rapidly expanding area of study in basic research, biomarker
discovery, and therapeutic delivery. These extracellular vesicles
function as signal carriers and tissue re-shapers through their cargo of
RNA, proteins, and lipids, and are involved in a wide range of healthy
as well as pathogenic processes such as cancer, inflammation, immunity,
CNS function, and cardiac cell function. Exosomes are found in a wide
range of biofluids, including serum, plasma, ascites fluid, urine,
saliva, and tissue culture media, and are considered a rich source of
material for biomarker discovery, for example in liquid biopsy
diagnostic development.

Keynote speaker Dr. Fatah Kashanchi from George Mason University will
describe his lab’s research on the role of extracellular vesicles in the
pathogenesis of various viral infections, including HIV-1. Additional
speakers from institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Stanford,
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oregon Health & Sciences
University, University of North Carolina, Vitalant Research Institute,
ExonanoRNA, and University of California, Davis, will share their latest
work in a series of short research talks.

“Exosome research represents a powerful path for future breakthroughs in
understanding disease mechanisms, as well as developing diagnostic
biomarkers and targeted therapies,” said Dr. Pulliam, Professor of
Laboratory Medicine and Medicine at UCSF and Chief, Microbiology at the
UCSF Veterans Affairs Medical Center. “ExoFest brings together top
scientists representing the best science in the Bay Area and beyond to
discuss latest findings and foster collaborations. This year’s program
is exceptional, with more than a dozen talks ranging in topics from the
relationship between viral infections and exosomes, to the role of
extracellular vesicles in conditions such as cancer, viral infections
and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and recent work in characterizing
extracellular vesicles in the brain, among others.”

SBI was among the first companies to recognize the great research
potential of exosomes. The company developed the first commercial
exosome isolation kit, ExoQuick®,
which has become the most published exosome isolation reagent in the

“We are excited to bring together leading experts in the field of
exosome research for our second annual ExoFest conference where we’ll
celebrate the latest exosome discoveries and share information about new
tools and techniques, which is a core focus of our work at SBI,” said
Jake Lesnik, Vice President of Commercial Development at SBI. “We are
dedicated to supporting the exosome research community through this
conference, along with our hands-on training programs, educational
resources, products, and services to support the growing interest in
extracellular vesicles and their role in human health.”

For more information about the ExoFest event, visit: https://www.systembio.com/exofest-2019/.
More information about SBI’s products and services for exosome research
can be found at https://www.systembio.com/products/exosome-research/.
Researchers interested in SBI’s 5-day training courses and hands-on
workshops on exosome research, held twice yearly on the East and West
Coasts, can visit: https://www.systembio.com/exosome-course/.

About System Biosciences (SBI)

System Biosciences (SBI), a Palo Alto, CA-based life science research
reagents company, is a global leader in providing exosome research
technology, with an extensive portfolio of exosome
research tools
and services.
In addition to ExoQuick® and ExoQuick-TC®, SBI
offers a broad range of reagents and services for exosome
characterization, biomarker discovery and engineering, including
ExoFBS™, ExoFlow™, Exo-fect™, and ExoGlow™ technologies, as well as
Exo-NGS™ and ExoMS™ services for exosomal RNA-Seq and proteomics
analysis, respectively. SBI is also a pioneer in gene delivery
technologies, including lentiviral, Minicircle, piggyBac™ and other gene
delivery platforms. For more information, visit the SBI website at www.systembio.com.


Jake Lesnik
Vice President of Commercial Development
650-968-2200 ext. 102
[email protected]

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