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announces four new Core
Test Sets
, the first commercial test sets of this type available to
the high-frequency ATE market. Analog and digital test systems are
already embracing the new concept of Core
Test Sets
. Core Test Sets save money through ease of
configurability. Now it’s time for the microwave and RF Automated Test
Equipment (ATE) community to do the same.

Pre-configured Core Test Systems cut development time in half

With In-Phase
’s pre-configured Core Test Sets, test engineers will cut
test set development time in half. They also save on development time,
manufacturing, and documentation costs. In-Phase assures total system
signal integrity among all pre-configured building blocks.

New Core Test Sets:

  • Analog/Digital Core Test Set (#1342649)
    for avionics products, power supplies, LCR measurements, low frequency
    boards (<1 GHz), electronic loads, etc.
  • Full Transceiver Core Test Set
    (#1342650) for digital or analog radios, radars, altimeters, frequency
    translators, and components
  • Amplifier Core Test Set (#1342651)
    for high power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, medium power
    amplifiers, frequency translators, and components
  • Transmitter Core Test Set
    (#1342652) for all types of transmitters from analog to digital
  • Receiver Core Test Set (#1342653)
    for all types of receivers, including analog and digital modulation

These fully developed systems can cross your entire enterprise, being
fully reusable, documented, and obsolescent-resistant.


An In-Phase
Technologies Core Test Set
provides a pre-engineered, integrated
hardware framework to build a unique test set, including:

  • Set of COTS test equipment in an enclosure, with power and wire
    management systems, proper air flow, and coiling
  • High density interface with pre-defined signal points
  • LabVIEW instrument drivers designed for hardware abstraction

The system comes with a complete documentation package for importing
your company’s configuration-controlled system. Design and manufacture
the Interface Test Adapter (ITA) to interface to the Unit Under Test
(UUT). Write test and measurement routines using instrument calls from
In-Phase’s hardware abstraction layer driver library, and begin testing.


In-Phase Technologies is a leader in systems for automated testing of
production-ready components and systems, known as Automated Test
Equipment (ATE). For price and order information see the Configuration
or call (609) 298-9555.


PR Contact:
Debra Seifert, (503) 704-0998
[email protected]

Company contact:
Bob Twiggs, (609) 298-9555
[email protected]