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SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today marks a victory for fitness heads everywhere as Keymao is proud to
announce the launch of their Magic Headwear Indiegogo campaign to begin
in April. Whether you are a casual weekly runner or a self-proclaimed
gym addict, music is surely an essential part of your sacred fitness
time. Keymao’s visionary design of the Magic Headwear uses strategically
placed magnets that will clip on to a wide array of head worn
accessories. These earpieces are incredibly convenient, able to be
easily mounted and removed at your leisure. Say goodbye to distracting
earpieces that never seem to find that perfect spot. Take your fitness
to the next level and say hello to the beginning of your life with
uninterrupted workouts.

The Magic Headwear has been created with magnets that will clip on to
whatever you are wearing rendering the earpieces firmly held in place.
This enables you to comfortably go about your workouts without the
nuisance of headphone readjustment or even falling out entirely. The
magnets are simply inserted into a head worn accessory of your choice
allowing the earpieces to rest freely on the accessory’s exterior. With
the Magic Headwear you can enjoy fitness while listening to your
favorite tunes hassle free. Keymao has gone out of their way to pay
attention to even the smallest nuances of comfort and usability.

Founded in February 2017, Keymao is dedicated to bringing quality
improvements to even the smallest facets of life through their design of
wearable technology. Keymao’s team is currently based out of Shenzhen,
China residing in one of the world’s largest thriving tech markets.
Despite the small size of their team, it has had seemingly no impact on
their relentless ability and drive to deliver quality products for their
consumers. Their core belief is that even the smallest innovations can
lead to astounding changes in our daily lives. It is with this belief
that over the course of 700 days the Magic Headwear was created. Leading
with the Magic Headwear as its forerunner, Keymao seamlessly integrates
wearable tech into any active lifestyle.


Max Chiu
[email protected]