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Mebuki Holdings
reports as Alibaba, the Chinese multinational
conglomerate has had an increase of 104 million active monthly users to
its online retail market platform.

The tremendous growth has come from multiple successful strategies,
including Alipay, a third-party mobile and online payment platform that
implemented referrals to the central Alibaba retail marketplace. The
application had taken the figure from 654 to 721 million with a quarter
on quarter growth up around 22 million.

“China is opening its markets to satisfy its demands of Chinese
consumers, and there is nothing close to Alibaba’s reach to Chinese
consumers.” Added Hugh Russell, Head of Asset Management at Sendai
Mebuki Holdings

Economic analysts from Sendai Mebuki Holdings had seen an increase from
Alibaba’s annual results, which showed that revenue and grown by 51
percent, $56.2 billion. The company’s net income had also increased by
31 percent at $31.1 billion.

Alibaba is continuing to demonstrate its market dominance in China, with
its other business models all playing a vital part it has now grown its
client database of active users.

“With more demand on a technological feature such as its
recommendations, video content and increase of retailer products it
seems to be translating into more users and shopping activity” commented
Michael Fox, Head of Derivatives at Sendai
Mebuki Holdings

About Sendai Mebuki Holdings – Established in 2004 and situated in
Osaka, Japan Sendai Mebuki Holdings has built a respectable reputation
within the capital markets industry.

With over a decade of experience, Sendai Mebuki Holdings has delivered
millions of financial transactions for its clients with efficiency;
today the company possesses over ¥900 billion ($8.25 billion US dollars)
of assets under management.


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