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New features include monitoring for AWS Lambda, new dashboards,
programmability, global search, and cross-account service maps — all
designed to help distributed teams centrally manage and automate the
complexity of modern software

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#NewRelicOnelt;/agt;–New
(NYSE: NEWR), the industry’s largest and most comprehensive
cloud-based instrumentation platform built to help customers create more
perfect software, today introduced New Relic One. An extension of the
New Relic platform, New Relic One helps DevOps teams with complex
environments quickly find, visualize, and understand their data so they
can take immediate action, deliver better digital experiences to
customers, and drive revenue. With New Relic One, enterprises now have
the ability to connect their teams to the real-time health of their
customer experience, so they can accelerate their digital business.

For modern software teams, there are numerous challenges to successfully
managing the performance of their increasingly complex environments.
Many large enterprises have hundreds of siloed teams, responsible for
managing interdependent systems. These systems are increasingly complex,
often composed of containers or microservices, running on-premise and in
the cloud. When service issues arise, teams often struggle to quickly
and definitively pinpoint the issue and fix the problem before their
customers experience a disruption.

“DevOps teams continue to struggle with a fragmented view of their
complex environments due to data about customer experiences residing in
multiple systems, dashboards, and organizations. New Relic One is the
industry’s first entity-centric observability platform, unifying all of
a customer’s data across multiple accounts so teams can see a
pan-enterprise view of all of the relationships and dependencies,” said
Lew Cirne, CEO and founder of New Relic. “New Relic One solves an
important set of problems for our customers today, and it’s also our
platform for delivering the next decade of innovation to our customers.
We’re just getting started on our mission to help companies deliver more
perfect software faster with New Relic One.”

Introducing New Relic One

New Relic One is purpose-built to transform how DevOps teams manage the
performance of their digital systems. New Relic One unifies all of a
customer’s data across multiple accounts so each team can see a
pan-enterprise, shared view of everything they instrument. In addition
to seeing all their data in one place, New Relic One also empowers teams
to quickly drill down into the services they are responsible for

Defining Entities

New Relic One treats everything that needs to be instrumented as an
“entity” and indexes entities to track their relationships and
dependencies to each other so teams have context in addition to metrics.
New Relic defines entities as anything that needs to be instrumented for
the success of digital business, including a microservice, mobile app,
Kubernetes cluster or Lambda function to name a few. An entity emits
data, and that data provides context — including upstream and
downstream dependencies — about the internal state of the entity.
During critical moments, it’s no longer enough for teams to measure
metrics. Teams also need to quickly understand the relationships between
entities and their interdependencies, so they can pinpoint issues faster
and deliver better customer experiences. Unlike the fragmented tools
that companies use today, New Relic One and its entity-centric approach
to observability provides a clear, connected view of all systems, teams,
and technology across a single customer’s environment.

New Relic One delivers:

  • A unified, pan-enterprise view of complex environments New
    Relic One introduces new cross-account Service Maps that can
    automatically visualize up- and down-stream dependencies of entities,
    making it easy to quickly identify the root cause when troubleshooting
    an incident.
  • A connected search and discovery platform — New Relic One
    provides new global search and universal tag filtering, so teams can
    quickly and easily find entities across their enterprise.
  • Easy-to-create, powerful dashboards — New Relic One introduces
    new and improved dashboarding capabilities, enabling users to quickly
    create information-rich, custom dashboards that connect technical
    efforts and business impact. A brand new feature called chart builder
    makes it easy to create powerful queries with a point-and-click
    curated tool, complementing New Relic Query Language (NRQL).
    Customers’ existing dashboards in New Relic Insights will
    automatically appear in New Relic One for viewing and editing.
  • Programmability for creating business-specific views — New
    Relic One introduces the ability to quickly extend the visualizations
    for business- and domain-specific needs. For example, it is easy to
    combine store point-of-sale system data with real-time telemetry, all
    overlaid on a map. Operations teams can see a bird’s-eye view of their
    store performance across a geographic area, and they can also drill
    down to see the performance of a specific store that’s giving off an
    alert. With programmability, New Relic One can be embedded into
    managing the performance of an enterprise’s business.
  • Unified user experience and global home page New
    Relic One delivers a new home page experience, empowering customers to
    see all of their performance data in one place. New Relic One sits
    above the existing New Relic platform of products, where users can
    continue to quickly zero in on problem areas for deeper exploration.

New Relic One is the home for New Relic’s latest innovations, including:

  • Monitoring for AWS Lambda — delivers the ability to monitor,
    visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on Lambda functions. Pro customers
    can now monitor Lambda performance in aggregate, or drill down into
    individual Lambda invocations to see traces, errors, end-to-end
    traces, and other troubleshooting information.
  • Kubernetes cluster explorer — provides a multi-dimensional
    representation of a Kubernetes cluster that allows teams to drill down
    into Kubernetes data and metadata in a high-fidelity, curated UI that
    simplifies complex environments. This existing feature is now
    available in the New Relic One interface.
  • Distributed tracing global search — provides a simple yet
    potent tool for finding traces using custom attributes or tags. As a
    result, teams can now work faster to solve performance issues in
    distributed software environments.

New Relic also announced that it plans to deliver log management and
AIOps solutions in New Relic One by the end of the fiscal year.

Customer Quote:

“New Relic One’s improved dashboard capabilities provide much needed
visibility into the dependencies across all of the entities we measure.
Other tools give me data, New Relic One gives me context,” said Matthew
B. Vaughan, lead software engineer at Cox Automotive. “There is great
power and comfort in being able to see how cross-functional data is
correlated in a centralized platform. When we identify a risk of
failure, it is critical that we can pinpoint the root cause rapidly, and
New Relic One delivers a whole new level of granularity that helps us
deliver better customer experiences.”

Analyst Quote:

“The demand for microservices and cloud-based services continues to
aggravate complications across enterprise technology teams. Untangling
these complications requires a thoughtful approach that simplifies the
process of observing and measuring software applications,” said Stephen
Elliot, Program Vice President, I&O at IDC. “These requirements have
never been optional, and are more important than ever as the pace of
change accelerates with modern application architectures, DevOps, and
Agile approaches.”

Pricing and Availability

New Relic One will go live on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to Pro subscribers
for no additional cost. Monitoring for AWS Lambda support is now
generally available for Pro customers via the New Relic One interface at
no charge for a limited time and in accordance with the product
documentation. Kubernetes cluster explorer and distributed tracing
global search are generally available for Pro customers. Additional
solutions, including log management and AIOps and additional
programmability features, are expected to be delivered by the end of New
Relic’s fiscal year.

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