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LEXINGTON, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Executives Michael Tetterton and Marsha Crouch today announced the
formation of Lexington-based investment holdings company, Key Investment
Solutions Inc.

Key Investment Solutions builds or acquires profitable businesses that
have potential for expansion and growth, and injects the capital,
leadership, and infrastructure needed to add value to the business.

To date, Key Investment Solutions’ principals have built or acquired
more than 25 businesses, valued at over $150M, and continue to explore
opportunities for new business development, acquisitions, and partial
acquisitions and partnerships in all industries.

“We create highly-profitable companies so we can provide revolutionary
generosity according to Biblical principles,” said Tetterton, CEO of Key
Investment Solutions. “We seek ways to rapidly accelerate companies that
lack the resources or leadership needed to achieve their full potential
and provide our shareholders with an above-average rate of return.”

Key Investment Solutions is led by a 5-member veteran executive team
that has collectively earned more than 200 global company and employee
awards. For Tetterton, Key Investment Solutions is the 25th business he
has started or acquired in his career. Tetterton and Couch also
co-founded a successful lodging management company, which was recently

“Where businesses see obstacles, we see ways to help,” said Couch,
President of Key Investment Solutions. “We truly believe that serving
others is a noble profession, and our goal is to create a corporate
culture here in Lexington of exceeding returns and giving back to the

Key Investment Solutions recently completed a $1.4 million investment to
create its corporate headquarters located at 3197 Beaumont Centre Circle
in Lexington. The new offices mix vibrant spaces with modern design to
help foster collaboration with businesses.

About Key Investment Solutions

Key Investment Solutions specializes in new business development,
acquisitions, seed money and infrastructure assistance for start-up
businesses, and capital and leadership for business expansion and
growth. Key Investment Solutions has made investments in more than 25
business startups and acquisitions valued at over $150M, and continues
to explore ventures in any industry, seeking ways to rapidly accelerate
companies that lack the resources or leadership needed to achieve their
full potential. Where businesses see obstacles, we see ways to help.
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