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New resource helps guide moms and dads through the parental leave

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–During a time of the year when the nation celebrates mothers and
fathers, new research from employee benefits leader Unum
(NYSE: UNM) spotlights some of the struggles parents can face at work.
From navigating benefits to developing a leave plan and returning to
work, juggling new parent duties with job responsibilities can be

In March 2019, Unum conducted research among 500 new mothers and fathers
who had or adopted a child in the previous five years. Some of the key
findings include:

  • 49% of new moms and 36% of new dads did not meet with their manager or
    HR department to discuss their leave benefits; 40% of those who did
    spent 30 minutes or less
  • Some of the top struggles of new parents included leaving their child
    (61%), not wanting to return to work but needing the income (52%),
    logistics of childcare (42%) and a reduced focus or concentration at
    work (37%)
  • Paid leave is the most
    desired workplace benefit
    , but only 30% of these new parents’
    employers offer it
  • 47% of new mothers said breastfeeding at work was one of their biggest
    challenges and only 17% of parents said their employer offers
    lactation rooms
  • 60% of moms and 40% of dads struggled with depression or anxiety after
    becoming new parents

“Becoming a new parent is a special time and most employers offer a
range of valuable financial protection benefits like short term
disability insurance and paid family leave,” said Angel Bennett,
Director, Leave Management Center, Unum. “This research highlights the
importance of having an open dialogue with HR, developing a leave and
return-to-work plan, and discussing all the benefits their company

To help new parents navigate this often-confusing process, Unum has
developed Bringing Up Baby: A Guide to Workplace Parental Leave
which contains basic tips, timing and conversation
starters to engage with managers and HR representatives. Additionally,
it spotlights key findings from research and contains links to
additional resources. This guide, along with other employee and HR
resources including Unum’s recent Mental Health Report and Caregiving
, can be found at


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