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The Rollover Wizard provides personalized education that empowers
individuals to make better rollover decisions

LEXINGTON, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unified Trust Company (“Unified Trust”), a national bank trust company
and fiduciary that serves individual, institutional and retirement plan
investors with a mix of digital and traditional advice, has unveiled its
newest digital platform and technology solution for clients through the
Rollover Wizard. This educational tool offers personalized education for
participants who are navigating the 401(k) rollover process.

Using the Rollover Wizard, current Unified Trust plan participants are
guided through their rollover options and provided with a breakdown of
benefits, fees and service models. To further simplify the process for
participants, their individual data is prepopulated into the Wizard
where possible. The Wizard also enables users to input additional
information, including outside savings and assets, perceived
understanding of investments and markets, and personal risk tolerance in
order to select a plan that best meets their needs.

“Unified Trust has nearly a decade of experience with digital advice,
beginning with our defined contribution managed account solution, the
UnifiedPlan®. As we continue to evolve our digital offerings
and proactively seek innovative ways to support retirement savers, the
Rollover Wizard is a particularly exciting development,” said Michael
Samford, Digital Advice Manager at Unified Trust. “The product is
designed to address the needs of the entire marketplace and will allow
us to make a real impact for all retirement savers, so they can make
more informed 401(k) rollover decisions.”

Today’s announcement also marks Unified Trust’s expansion into digital
delivery of the Managed Rollover Solution, first introduced in 2016,
which provides participants and individual savers with a personalized
rollover solution specific to their situation, goals and time horizon.
Now with this digital tool, participants have the opportunity to look at
all of their rollover options, which could include up to three service
models, via the Managed Rollover Solution. Individual savers and
external retirement plan participants can experience the Managed
Rollover Solution outside of the Rollover Wizard.

“Unified Trust’s entire mission is rooted in a fiduciary responsibility
to our clients and partners. The Rollover Wizard is the latest
application of this commitment,” added Samford. “We empower our
participants to make the best decisions for their financial futures by
providing transparent and unbiased resources as they plan for

Additional information on the Wizard tool can found on Unified Trust’s website or
by contacting Mike
 for a demonstration.

About Unified
Trust Company

Unified Trust Company, N.A. (Lexington, Ky., $5 billion in assets under
management) is a national bank trust company and discretionary trustee,
serving individual, institutional and retirement plan investors. As a
fiduciary, the firm is dedicated to helping people achieve successful
financial outcomes. It is the first trust company in the U.S. and among
the first globally to be certified for fiduciary best practices by the
Centre for Fiduciary Excellence.


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