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Deployment helps enable DataVita’s customer guarantee of 100%

, a leading provider of real-time
physical asset management and environmental monitoring solutions
data centers, today announced successful
of real-time environmental monitoring solutions for DataVita,
the UK’s only Uptime Institute-certified Tier 3 data center north of

This installation addresses DataVita’s need to guarantee 100% uptime for
its customers, and improve cooling equipment efficiency by eliminating
overcooling. With immediate notification of issues to the network
operating center and real-time notification to security to identify
opening of rack doors, RF Code provided necessary improvements on
visibility and auditability of DataVita’s operations. This installation
enabled DataVita to move from simply monitoring building management
system controllers to dynamically controlling the system with real-time
sensor data.

“We have a 100% SLA and we pay our customers if we don’t maintain that
SLA for even one second,” says Graeme Logie, Operations Director at
DataVita. “RF Code’s real-time technology gives us complete
transparency, which allows us to show our customers that we’re hitting
those SLAs.”

RF Code deployed 300 sensors across all 200 racks under management, to
monitor temperature, humidity, hot aisles, returns, ducting, and cooling
system; then integrated the real-time data capture with cooling controls
in parallel with the building management system.

“We were eager to work on this project with DataVita,” said David
Williams, Executive Vice President, Products and Marketing at RF Code.
“One hundred percent uptime is a critical element of their guarantee to
customers and we were thrilled to work closely with them to deliver on
this promise. We understand that operational concern and our real-time
monitoring solutions provided the equipment and reporting capabilities
they needed.”

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About RF Code

RF Code is the leading provider of automated, real-time physical asset
management and environmental solutions to data centers. RF Code’s
CenterScape platform reduces the total cost of ownership by replacing
expensive and inaccurate manual processes with real-time intelligence
from data generated by its proprietary sensor networks. CenterScape
offers global scalability while providing granular reporting and is
easily integrated with existing IT, facilities and business systems,
increasing their value by providing improved accuracy, lower cost, and
timely information.

RF Code’s solution is tracking more than three million sensors worldwide
and has delivered over $100 million in savings to hundreds of customers,
including more than half of the internet and telecommunications
companies in the Fortune 500.

RF Code is based in Austin, Texas, with partners around the world.
Additional information can be found at

About DataVita

At DataVita, our goal is to be at the heart of Scotland’s digital
economy by offering innovative, agile services delivered from the world
class Fortis datacentre. Opened in 2016 the Fortis datacentre is
Scotland’s largest and most advanced purpose-built colocation facility.
It is also the first facility in the UK to be Tier III certified for
both design and construction. Operated by DataVita, the site up to 2,000
racks, all powered by 100% renewable energy. With a PUE of 1.18 the
centre can provide significant cost savings to major organisations who
choose to move away from inefficient in-house computer rooms to agile
colocation solutions.

Additional information can be found at


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