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Starting a cannabis dispensary can be a profitable business. But dispensary marketing is still tense with several barriers and challenges, even though many countries and states have legalized cannabis consumption. There are several regulations and laws limiting how cannabis businesses can market their products.

However, still there are ways you can market your cannabis brand to reach target customers without violating the regulations and boundaries. 

In this blog post, we have listed some dispensary marketing tips and ideas that can help you drive more traffic to your retail store. 

Provide New Customers with Alluring Offers

People who enter into your cannabis retail store are more likely to buy something than people searching over the web for local dispensaries. But the question raises in the mind that how to get potential buyers into your local store?

You can do this effectively by offering them enticing offers and incentives. For instance, if you want to increase walk-in customers for your Ann arbor dispensary, provide them with something for free or at discounted rates. Once you have them in your store physically, you will have an opportunity to generate interest in your products and convert them into valued customers. Just try to eliminate the barriers to entry for first-time customers in your store. 

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Partnering with other local businesses in the industry is another best local dispensary marketing idea to increase retail store traffic. Choose businesses to work with that are 420 friendly. It might be hard for you but not impossible. Build connections with local businesses that commentate your dispensary and with others, you can partner with to run giveaways, contests, and special offers. In this way, encourage all the partner businesses to provide equal funds for effective promotion and execution of contests. Also, ask them to share contest details across their social media profiles. It will not only help you get your cannabis dispensary in front of a qualified audience but will also increase online presence for your cannabis brand.

Connect and Interact with your Customers Effectively

Local dispensary marketing is all about getting more visitors for your physical dispensary in the town. Connecting and interacting with your local audience effectively is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and increase retention. Creating profiles on Google my Business and local business listing sites is the best way to get more local eyeballs on your cannabis dispensary. It not only helps you increase visibility in local Google searches but also drives more traffic to your local dispensary. You should also create and optimize profiles on social media profiles so your customers can easily find and connect with your brand to learn more. 

Build Personal Connections

When it comes to drive more traffic and grow your local marijuana dispensary, building personal connections can play a significant role in the whole process. Social media is considered as one of the best ways to do this easily. So, create social media profiles for your retail store and add more people who live around. Communicate with them on a personal level and let them know about your dispensary and what you offer. Along with that, ask your staff to greet your customers properly and build more face-to-face connections on a regular basis. Make creating personal connections an integral part of your dispensary marketing strategy and do anything possible for effective execution.

Online Reviews & Recommendations are Fuel

The importance of online reviews and recommendations cannot be ignored by both local customers and business owners. Personal recommendations and word of mouth are an effective source of massive traffic for local brands and get more new customers. So, solicit and encourage your customers to write reviews and recommendations for your marijuana dispensary and amplify referrals. In order to get more online reviews, you can run social media contests and offer extra points for participants who leave reviews across digital channels like Google, social media profiles and review sites, etc. It helps you build trust in your brand and helps potential customers make informed buying decisions. Moreover, getting more positive online reviews allows your cannabis brand to appear on top search engine result pages by boosting your online dispensary marketing efforts.